Spring Rain

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Spring Rain

Spring rain softly falling
Quiet reflective moments
Peaceful tranquility for a weary soul

Melodious serenade of birds
The sounds of heaven
Softly permeates tender hearts

Gentle breeze rustles through trees
Voice of God tenderly whispering
“Rest my child – be still in Me”

Patty Beggs June 2016

Fall Is In The Air

My White Dogwood Tree Oct 2013 It won’t be long until my Dogwood is this bright and colorful once again

Autumn. Don’t you just love the smell of the weather change? “Fall is in the air” my dad would say when the temperatures begin to change.

Although autumn doesn’t start until Sept 21, for me it starts with the first day of school. My children are grown now but it doesn’t stop me from feeling the excitement of seeing back to school supplies, children shopping for school clothes and the memory of a class room on that first day. Do you remember the smell of the first day of school?

With the coming of September I welcome the change from the slower pace of summer to the hustle and bustle of church and school activities.

It is interesting how each season has its own distinct qualities.

Winter is a time to curl up with good books in front of my fireplace (it is an electrical one but still a fireplace!) while enjoying a hot cup of British blends teas. Winter is also a good time to get caught up on all those sewing projects I have lying around. Who can resist that first snowfall that blankets our world?

Spring refreshes my world with hope as I watch earth’s slumber awaken with the signs of spring; new growth, spring flowers, baby bunnies and all of the birds returning from their southern journey. Spring is also the opportunity to indulge in spring cleaning as I clean out my closets and freshen up the house. Don’t you love the smell of the house that has just been scrubbed with Pine Sole as the window curtains flutter in the spring breeze?

Summer is set aside for vacations, working around the house and lazy days on the deck. The dog days of summer brings relaxation and enjoying good old-fashioned southern ice tea in front of my air conditioner. Who can remember laying down on the grass, watching the clouds float by and daydreaming of your future?

Oh but Autumn ~ my favorite time of year. The air is not only cooler after the lazy hot days of late summer, but it is brisk, fresh, and clean. Our mountains come alive in the colors of autumn, gold, russet, brown and orange. The smell of chalk boards and freshly copied paper from an old mimeograph machine permeates my mind. To this day I still enjoy buying new clothes in August and enjoy opening up a new notebook just waiting to be filled. Who remembers the anticipation of the first day of school?

Today as an adult my routine in Fall takes a different direction. Instead of getting ready for school, I prepare for committees and activities after a restful summer. My office is also busy as the committees of the Presbytery return from their summer breaks, new pastors move in and other pastors move on. The Presbyterian Church is also ready to start-up doing what they do best – helping others.

And that is where the next chapter in my life is taking me ~ helping others ~ as I anticipate the new challenges God has called me to.

I will be serving on a mission committee at church. We will have our first meeting next week as we find ways to help those in need both locally and in different parts of the world.

Then there is my term as the Historian for the Presbyterian Women of the Synod of the Trinity. This year I will also serve not only as Historian but on their mission board. In addition I will also be undertaking the job of webmaster of their webpage. This is a story for a different time, because I did not see that one coming and walked right into volunteering to take over! But it is a challenge I welcome and will enjoy. I look forward to working with the person who set it up. (If you are reading this A.T. I thank you for this opportunity)

The biggest challenge has been to accept the responsibility of a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) group leader. I have been in leadership for a few years but not as a group leader. We had our first class night and God has blessed me with a wonderful group of ladies. I look forward to not only seeing where God will lead me but where He will lead the class as we study about Moses together.

Regardless if I buy school supplies or office supplies or if I purchase clothes for work instead of for school I will always anticipate the new challenges that autumn brings.

What do you look forward to in autumn?


storm clouds 1







It starts with a low rumble
As the sun shines brightly
Off in the distance clouds gather
First white, and then gray turning black
Ominous and foreboding
Rain pours down from the heavens
Darkness sets in
Wind blows and hail begins
Trees bent cowering in the storm
The clouds begin to scatter
First black, then gray then white
Foreboding replaced with stillness
Light shows the way
Rain turns to  mist as the rumble fades
Trees stand tall no longer afraid
As the thunderstorm goes its way
unknown source
unknown source




Monday we had an ice storm pass through our area. It was a wintry mess to be sure. But I thought it would be a wonderful photo opportunity to capture winter in all of its glory.
Or so I thought….my camera would not charge so I am sure I need a new battery…no problem I will get our older digital camera it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery. And it doesn’t it, what it did have was 4 double AA’s that need replaced. So no pictures. But Eden Hill’s Blog came through and posted some beautiful pictures of an ice storm that passed her farm. And not only can you enjoy her winter pictures, but you can enjoy a picture of two of her beloved goats. They are just too cute. So stop her page and enjoy her talents with taking breathtaking photos.  Blessings – Patty

The Calm After The Storm

A road in Montoursville (a little north of where I work) Picture courtesy of: NorthCentral PA.com

First I would like to say thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. Yesterday we watched the storm make landfall in NJ and NY we were all anxious of what the next phase of Super Storm Sandy would be as she made her way up into Pennsylvania. 

We are thankful that we did not lose power and were spared a lot of damage from the high winds and rain. Although the center of the storm center will hit us this evening, the worse is over. 

Tonight into tomorrow our creeks and the Susquehanna River will rise so there will be some flooding in the low lining areas but the prediction is for minimal flooding.  Considering most people living along the creeks and our river have recently returned to their homes that were damaged in last years storms, that is good news, indeed.

Now we have the calm after the storm as we put the past 36 hours of preparation behind us. Water jugs will be emptied, debris from trees and neighbors yard decorations will be cleaned up, and flashlights stored away as we resume our lives.

It is still raining – a steady, heavy rain that seems to cry along with us at the devastation of our eastern shores.

Unlike the Southern, New England and Canadian coasts we were spared.  Our hearts go out to those who lost their homes and to the families who lost loved ones.  It is a long road to recovery – not only rebuilding homes but in rebuilding their lives. I pray for those who lives were shattered, that they will experience God’s presence during this difficult time and find the peace and comfort of God’s love as they begin to pick up the pieces and put their lives back together.

Autumn in my backyard

We will be returning from our cruise today and through the wonderful world of technology I was able to schedule my autumn photos.  I want to thank you for your indulgence as I shared my favorite season with you.  It was fun looking through my pictures and reliving some happy times traveling around Pennsylvania before we left for another adventure.  

As my DH {dear husband} and I get older our adventures are slowing down and it takes longer to recuperate when we return than it does to prepare to go!  But it is a good tired as we return back to our normal schedule.  A tired that lets us know we accomplished something, a tired that reminds us we are indeed young at heart and a tired that also rejuvenate our souls.

Today I will show you autumn in my backyard, where I rest in solitude and enjoy the brisk autumn twilight as winter approaches to coat our earth in the purity of white snow.

Autumn Trees

As I looked through my pictures I came across some beautiful fall trees.  I relate my Christian faith to God’s creation and trees have always symbolized God’s power and strength in my life.  As they stand tall and regal reaching toward heaven, God’s glory shines in their entire splendor.

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon
Along the Susquehanna River
Lake Erie outside our cabin 2010
After the summer storms
Off the beaten path

Autumn in Wellsboro

These fall pictures were taken in Wellsboro, PA a few years ago.  Wellsboro is the home of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  It doesn’t matter what season when you visit Wellsboro in Northern Pennsylvania, you will experience nature at its best.

Cowanesque Lake
Autumn Harvest
Lake View Lodge
Eagle sighting from our train through Tioga County
Tioga County – picture taken from our train window
Ye old country church