One Summer Day

 One Summer Day 

A young girl laying on the green grass 

Watching the clouds float by 

Dreaming little girl dreams



 One Summer Day 

A young girl running carefree  

Chasing after butterflies and lighting bugs 

Wishes upon the stars



 One Summer Day 

A young girl looking to the clouds 

Sees angels, horses and other things 

Enjoying the last days of summer 

Before the school bell rings once again 

 Patty Beggs August 2015







Fall Is In The Air

My White Dogwood Tree Oct 2013 It won’t be long until my Dogwood is this bright and colorful once again

Autumn. Don’t you just love the smell of the weather change? “Fall is in the air” my dad would say when the temperatures begin to change.

Although autumn doesn’t start until Sept 21, for me it starts with the first day of school. My children are grown now but it doesn’t stop me from feeling the excitement of seeing back to school supplies, children shopping for school clothes and the memory of a class room on that first day. Do you remember the smell of the first day of school?

With the coming of September I welcome the change from the slower pace of summer to the hustle and bustle of church and school activities.

It is interesting how each season has its own distinct qualities.

Winter is a time to curl up with good books in front of my fireplace (it is an electrical one but still a fireplace!) while enjoying a hot cup of British blends teas. Winter is also a good time to get caught up on all those sewing projects I have lying around. Who can resist that first snowfall that blankets our world?

Spring refreshes my world with hope as I watch earth’s slumber awaken with the signs of spring; new growth, spring flowers, baby bunnies and all of the birds returning from their southern journey. Spring is also the opportunity to indulge in spring cleaning as I clean out my closets and freshen up the house. Don’t you love the smell of the house that has just been scrubbed with Pine Sole as the window curtains flutter in the spring breeze?

Summer is set aside for vacations, working around the house and lazy days on the deck. The dog days of summer brings relaxation and enjoying good old-fashioned southern ice tea in front of my air conditioner. Who can remember laying down on the grass, watching the clouds float by and daydreaming of your future?

Oh but Autumn ~ my favorite time of year. The air is not only cooler after the lazy hot days of late summer, but it is brisk, fresh, and clean. Our mountains come alive in the colors of autumn, gold, russet, brown and orange. The smell of chalk boards and freshly copied paper from an old mimeograph machine permeates my mind. To this day I still enjoy buying new clothes in August and enjoy opening up a new notebook just waiting to be filled. Who remembers the anticipation of the first day of school?

Today as an adult my routine in Fall takes a different direction. Instead of getting ready for school, I prepare for committees and activities after a restful summer. My office is also busy as the committees of the Presbytery return from their summer breaks, new pastors move in and other pastors move on. The Presbyterian Church is also ready to start-up doing what they do best – helping others.

And that is where the next chapter in my life is taking me ~ helping others ~ as I anticipate the new challenges God has called me to.

I will be serving on a mission committee at church. We will have our first meeting next week as we find ways to help those in need both locally and in different parts of the world.

Then there is my term as the Historian for the Presbyterian Women of the Synod of the Trinity. This year I will also serve not only as Historian but on their mission board. In addition I will also be undertaking the job of webmaster of their webpage. This is a story for a different time, because I did not see that one coming and walked right into volunteering to take over! But it is a challenge I welcome and will enjoy. I look forward to working with the person who set it up. (If you are reading this A.T. I thank you for this opportunity)

The biggest challenge has been to accept the responsibility of a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) group leader. I have been in leadership for a few years but not as a group leader. We had our first class night and God has blessed me with a wonderful group of ladies. I look forward to not only seeing where God will lead me but where He will lead the class as we study about Moses together.

Regardless if I buy school supplies or office supplies or if I purchase clothes for work instead of for school I will always anticipate the new challenges that autumn brings.

What do you look forward to in autumn?


storm clouds 1







It starts with a low rumble
As the sun shines brightly
Off in the distance clouds gather
First white, and then gray turning black
Ominous and foreboding
Rain pours down from the heavens
Darkness sets in
Wind blows and hail begins
Trees bent cowering in the storm
The clouds begin to scatter
First black, then gray then white
Foreboding replaced with stillness
Light shows the way
Rain turns to  mist as the rumble fades
Trees stand tall no longer afraid
As the thunderstorm goes its way
unknown source
unknown source




Busy Busy Busy

 Hello everyone!  I have had a “good” busy month.  I had a brilliant idea to plant some shrubs and plants in the front of my house after my boss and his wife gave me a hydrangea bush. 

First I had to dig out all the grass and weeds, get rid of the stones and rocks, lay top soil and then plant and put in more top soil and mulch.  For a city gal who likes the great indoors this was a large job. If you click on the picture to enlarge you can  see what I have done.

So one morning in the beginning of May after I received the Hydrangea I thought oh why not fix up the front of the house, it doesn’t look to hard!! That should have been my first warning.  What started out to be a weekend job turned into a month-long job.  But I am finished now and the shrubs and plants are now planted.  Next is to decide what flowers to put in.

Instead of laying wood or timber for a border I decided to plant Hostas plants to use as my border.  Now when I purchased the bulbs I assumed they would have some growth and was disappointed that they were only bulbs and lots and lots of roots.  I pray that they come up. I am not good with starting plants and they usually die.  So in the front eventually will be full, healthy looking Hostas that I posted here.

In a perfect garden they should look like this: This weekend I will add some more ferns to the side of the house and the Lily of the Valleys I purchased this past week, along with a few flowers to bring some color to the front of the house. I guess what they say is true, you are never finished with your garden once you get it planted!

I will admit that all of this hard work was good therapy and for the first time in a year I actually feel energetic and clear minded.  Hard work is indeed the best medicine for what troubles you.

So although far from finished I think I am off to a good start.

Now I am ready to get back to blogging and writing – and my next project with the  help of my brother in law is to seal around the stone blocks that the winter snow and salt damaged. I am becoming a Mrs Fix It – Tom would be surprised but pleased!

The Hydrangea Bush my boss and his wife gave me for Administrative Day and what started it all!!
The Hydrangea Bush my boss and his wife gave me for Administrative Day and what started it all!!
The new table and chairs my daughter put together with a little help from mom. She did a pretty a good job!
The new table and chairs my daughter put together with a little help from mom. She did a pretty a good job! A nice place to relax after all that hard work.
The start of my ferns, I have two more plants to transplant this weekend.
The start of my ferns, I have two more plants to transplant this weekend.
The left side of the front of my house.
The left side of my front steps.  Imagine 4 hostas plants creating a beautiful border. 😉

The Blue Rose

Blue Rose

The Blue Rose ~
Once a flourishing bush
Summer fragrant blooms
Give way to winter thorns
Trees grow and hide the sun
Year after year only a single rose blooms
Until the year the sun darkens the perfumed bush
No more summer fragrant pedals
Just one stem and thorns came forth
Until the day a soul is gone
The one who loved the blooming rose
Wanted to leave his love behind
When all hope was lost for the rose to bloom
The rose blossomed once again
Three bluish blooms graced the home where love resided
In the pedals of a Blue Rose love bloomed eternal

 In honor of Tom who loved the blooming blue rose
Patty Beggs – April 29,2014

Ice, Rock, Summer, Sacrifice and Queen

To sharpen my writing skills I have found some great apps for the iPad.  One of my favorites is, “iDeas for writing”.  So to get the blood flowing and the brain juices moving, once a week I plan to choose from one of the hints to write a story.  All of you can be my editor and let me know how I am doing.

Sit back and I hope you enjoy…here is my first attempt:

GE DIGITAL CAMERASummer is now officially gone, autumn has peaked with its beautiful colors of browns, oranges, reds and gold, as we prepare ourselves for the ice-cold that will come with winter while we anticipate the new birth of spring.  

With the coming of winter we sacrifice the warmth for the cold, the soft rain showers with the winter ice winterstorms and the flowers for the bare trees. But with winter we also get a different type of beauty.  The sight of a red Cardinal sitting on a snow covered branch, the laughter of children as they make a snowman and wishing that like Frosty the Snowman he would come life someday.

  Do you remember skipping small rocks and pebbles into creeks and ponds? For us city children we would skip small rocks and pebbles when we would find puddles after a summer rain.  How many of us secretly wish we can fall on the ground and create beautiful snow angels, knowing all too well we can’t get up as easily as we once did!

What joy it would be to be queen of the playground again, playing kickball and hitting tennis balls off the back of the school building as if we were Billie Jean King. Those were the days of playing from dawn till dusk, when the street lights came on signaling us it was time to go home, tired after a day of protecting our neighborhood from Indians, robbers and dinosaurs.

Tom was king of our castle and made me his queen over 30 years ago, so today I am queen of my home.  I will always find pleasure as I walk through the door experiencing the kind of warmth brought into a home through love. Today I make a splash not by skipping stones or rocks but through the new adventures that wait for me. I may not able to fall down to make snow angels but walking through fresh fallen snow at dusk brings back those happy days of youth when my nose and cheeks would turn red from the cold and a cup of hot chocolate would wait for me at home.

At the end of the day I am tired with the kind of tired that comes from a full day of working at a place I enjoy, caring for my home and family, the hobbies that I enjoy at the end of a busy day and most especially the kind of tired that brings joy from serving our Lord God in everything I do.  As my dad would say, “I am tired but with a good tired”, meaning he had a good productive day feeling good about what he had accomplished.

As winter approaches reflect on the summers of years past and think back to those wonderful care free days of your youth.  You do not have to sacrifice your “summer” youthfulness for the “winter” season of your life.  Each season holds a beauty of its own.

At the end of the day my prayer for you is to be tired with a feeling good type of tired.

Monday we had an ice storm pass through our area. It was a wintry mess to be sure. But I thought it would be a wonderful photo opportunity to capture winter in all of its glory.
Or so I thought….my camera would not charge so I am sure I need a new battery…no problem I will get our older digital camera it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery. And it doesn’t it, what it did have was 4 double AA’s that need replaced. So no pictures. But Eden Hill’s Blog came through and posted some beautiful pictures of an ice storm that passed her farm. And not only can you enjoy her winter pictures, but you can enjoy a picture of two of her beloved goats. They are just too cute. So stop her page and enjoy her talents with taking breathtaking photos.  Blessings – Patty