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One Summer Day

One Summer Day  A young girl laying on the green grass  Watching the clouds float by  Dreaming little girl dreams     One Summer Day  A young girl running carefree   Chasing after butterflies and lighting bugs  Wishes upon the … Continue reading

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Fall Is In The Air

Autumn. Don’t you just love the smell of the weather change? “Fall is in the air” my dad would say when the temperatures begin to change. Although autumn doesn’t start until Sept 21, for me it starts with the first … Continue reading

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          Thunderstorms It starts with a low rumble As the sun shines brightly Off in the distance clouds gather First white, and then gray turning black Ominous and foreboding Rain pours down from the heavens Darkness … Continue reading

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Busy Busy Busy

Hello everyone!  I have had a “good” busy month.  I had a brilliant idea to plant some shrubs and plants in the front of my house after my boss and his wife gave me a hydrangea bush.  First I had … Continue reading

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The Blue Rose

The Blue Rose ~ Once a flourishing bush Summer fragrant blooms Give way to winter thorns Trees grow and hide the sun Year after year only a single rose blooms Until the year the sun darkens the perfumed bush No … Continue reading

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The Seasons

Beauty in white Snow falls silently Winter peace Spring green Clear skies Awakens the earth from slumber Kites in flight Warm ocean breeze Summers delight Autumn Skies Blue yet gray Casting winter shadows

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Ice, Rock, Summer, Sacrifice and Queen

To sharpen my writing skills I have found some great apps for the iPad.  One of my favorites is, “iDeas for writing”.  So to get the blood flowing and the brain juices moving, once a week I plan to choose … Continue reading

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The Sun

Sun in winter slumber Fills each day with gentle melancholy, Soon awakens to Springs call Bringing new life to freshen weary souls. Where have you been hiding? We have been waiting and watching for your bright glow to cast out … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Eden Hills:
Yesterday I woke up to an icy mess. We were actually quite lucky where I live because we didn’t get a thick coating of ice.  There were no power outages or tree damage. It did…

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A Winter Morn

  A cold silent winter morn   Silver skies awaken the mist of dawn   A lonely crow calls out, breaking the stillness   Waking nature from its slumber   As the evening darkness changes into a somber day   … Continue reading

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