A New Road To Travel

 The past few months I have found out just what I am made of.  I am made from the same strength and determination as that of my mother. Through my mother, God taught me how to take that step of faith into the unknown as I move ahead into a new life.

This past summer I decided to take time off from my busy schedule and let go of some of my commitments.  It gave me enough time to reflect in solitude as I learn to find my way in this new world I find myself in. It was a time spent remembering and thanking God for my life with Tom.  It was also a time for me to sit back and take inventory of my life and figure out the future. God has set me down a new road, and I will admit it is a road I never wanted to travel, nor is it a road any of us want to travel.  But travel it I will as I choose to follow God down this unfamiliar, rocky road.

My mother traveled down rocky roads most of her life.  Raised in Germany at a time when all she knew was war and destruction. It was through her strength and that of her parents that they would rebuild their lives.  It was my mother’s strength that saw her through my father’s alcoholism and through the death of my brother who died in an accident only 2 months after my father died suddenly of a heart attack.

The old saying “life goes on” is so true.  Life does go on along with our responsibilities. I feel as if I am ready to step out in faith in what the next chapter of my life holds.  And as I move forward I will always have God walking with me on this rocky road offering me hope for a future, the support of Tom to encourage me and a long line of courageous women to give me strength.
This next week I will gather the strength I inherited from my mother and step out in faith as I move ahead to what God has planned for me.  Last spring I was nominated to serve on the Presbyterian Women of the Synod of the Trinity board as their historian.  Tom as always was supportive and encouraged me to pray for God’s direction when I was first elected last spring.  It is with mixed feelings that I begin my term next week.  Honored to serve with such Godly and caring women but sad that I will start a new adventure in serving God without Tom.
Now that my path is set I will be spending the next few weeks getting organized and setting my priorities  as I find my way. I will face my new challenge with the grace of God as I put one foot in of the other and begin again.  Until I set my feet firmly on solid ground I may not be blogging much but I will be reading your articles which have become nightly visits from friends as I enjoy my evening cup of tea.