Morning Mist

Misty summer morn
Casts a shadow of forlorn
As nature sings
Arise sun arise
From your slumber
A new day is born

                           Patty B. July 22, 2017

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The silence of the morning
Tick tock goes the clock
A lonely bird cries out
The stillness opens the heavens
God fills our waking souls
The morning fog gives way
To the chill of an autumn day
Day is done
Silence fills the busy day
Darkness covers the weary land
As Crickets sing a nighttime lullaby
The silence of the evening
Tick tock goes the clock
God quiets our tired souls
                      Patty Beggs September 23, 2014

Monday Monday

Here is something to get you moving on a Monday morning! I am lounging around enjoying my extra day off work and savoring my morning tea when I thought of this song.  So, sit back and relax, indulge yourself with a cup of tea or coffee, along with a delicious piece of chocolate – for me that would be a cookie ~ enjoying a moment to your self while singing along as we begin our busy week.

Happy Monday ~  may your week be blessed with random outbursts of infectious giggles!

A New Day

The Heavens are quiet, earth is sleeping
Darkness offers rest to weary souls
Earth’s slumber is broken ~ Darkness surrenders the night
The sun rises to the brilliance of reds and oranges that are aglow
As the horizon beckons the morning light
Refreshed souls awaken ~ Heaven rejoices at the birth of a new day.
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The light calls out to the moon and the stars
As shadows blanket the earth, calling to the darkness once more
The sun descends in hues of purple, oranges
and a burst of yellow  among the blue skies
Darkness covers the earth ~ the heavens are quiet as earth sleeps once more
bringing rest to weary souls that are awaiting the birth of another morn.