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Morning Mist

Misty summer morn Casts a shadow of forlorn As nature sings Arise sun arise From your slumber A new day is born                            Patty B. July 22, 2017 {Picture unknown source, internet} Save Advertisements

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            The silence of the morning Tick tock goes the clock A lonely bird cries out   The stillness opens the heavens God fills our waking souls The morning fog gives way To the chill … Continue reading

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Monday Monday

Here is something to get you moving on a Monday morning! I am lounging around enjoying my extra day off work and savoring my morning tea when I thought of this song.  So, sit back and relax, indulge yourself with … Continue reading

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A Winter Morn

  A cold silent winter morn   Silver skies awaken the mist of dawn   A lonely crow calls out, breaking the stillness   Waking nature from its slumber   As the evening darkness changes into a somber day   … Continue reading

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A New Day

The Heavens are quiet, earth is sleeping Darkness offers rest to weary souls Earth’s slumber is broken ~ Darkness surrenders the night The sun rises to the brilliance of reds and oranges that are aglow As the horizon beckons the … Continue reading

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