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Connected Through Prayer

Good news to report! My latest CT scan showed no increase in the lung nodules since September.  The liver mass, he said was almost nonexistent on the MRI so explained that the PET scan must have picked up something as … Continue reading

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The Song

The Song                                                                                                           {A short story by Patty Beggs 2015} As Amanda was picking up the toys that were strewn all over the floor, a song came on the radio.  It was the song that would always transport her back to … Continue reading

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Choosing Love

  When something happens like in the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston where people were gathered together in love – sharing that love by welcoming a newcomer into their church and then to have violence erupting, we ask why? The … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers Day Mom!

The past few months have been busy ones for me, but as I like to say, it has been a good busy. So I am happy for my first day back writing to be about my mom. I want to … Continue reading

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I’d Like Teach The World To Sing

Remember the song from the old Coke commercials in the 1970’s?  I have always enjoyed the song, “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” that is was based on and as I thought what to write about Bloggers for … Continue reading

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The Blue Rose

The Blue Rose ~ Once a flourishing bush Summer fragrant blooms Give way to winter thorns Trees grow and hide the sun Year after year only a single rose blooms Until the year the sun darkens the perfumed bush No … Continue reading

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Easter – Gods Love For Us

Easter is a holiday full of mixed emotion for me. It is a joyous event – Jesus has come to the end of His ministry as He confirms He is the Son of God promising us life with Him and … Continue reading

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Light Your Candle

The beginning of 2013 I started to write about what Diana wrote on her blog, “talktodiana”, on December 30, 2012, Diana wrote: “choose love over hatred…One person, one heart at a time, is all it would take. Perhaps, like me, … Continue reading

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The Parakeet

As I read everyone’s posts about Christmas memories I am reminded of my own memories.  The year my sister and I both received exactly the same doll house. The Christmas I received my first ring from my parents.  I still … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: My Hero!

The daily prompt yesterday from WordPress was to tell you about our hero.  So, I thought of the people who I thought were my heroes and found that I admired them, but would not classify them as  a hero or … Continue reading

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