The Hurrier I Go The Behinder I Get

 I have always loved this saying, “The Hurrier I Go The Behinder I Get” and these past few weeks that is exactly what I felt my life was becoming.

Things were busy as usual but going rather well.  The weather we thought was getting better, so I started some spring cleaning, attended a workshop, continued with my bible study and even had things organized to finish my yearly report due the first of April. All was looking up for March.  Then I got sick with another cold followed by a case of shingles.  And of coarse it was on the left side of my head and in my scalp.  It affected my left eye, although thankfully I am not experiencing any lasting side effects in the eye.  But since it was near the eye not only did I have trouble focusing but I could not wear my glasses, so I could not read, write, or sew.  All I could do is watch tv and sleep.  I never realized not only is singles painful but it drains you of all energy.  In the midst of this we had to get the den ready to make over into my sewing room and my old sewing room into a sitting room of sorts for my daughter.  Add all of that to daylight savings time and losing an hour and you can understand why I am behind in everything.

Now here I sit on a Sunday night after being at work for one full week and the rooms in my house switched over looking over everything that did not get done while I was under the weather.  All my best laid plans to get caught up this weekend only made me realize that the more I hurried around getting things the more I was actually getting behind.  So I made myself a cup of tea and decided to get back to writing, my therapy when things go crazy.

I am on the mend and slowly getting my energy back and my house is once again organized and I do not have stacks of books all over my den and my sewing supplies are not in three different rooms.  Our dogs actually have their couch back!

To get us off to a bright and cheery start for the week I wanted to pick a favorite song that is indeed a toe tapping knee slapping song.  “A Place In The Choir” sung by Celtic Thunder, is also a tribute to George Donaldson one of the original singers who passed away March 12, 2014.  No one could roll their “r’s” like George in many of the songs he sings. 

Enjoy the song as you start off your week and I pray that all of you have a blessed week full of love, peace and joy!