One of the things I enjoy doing is trying new recipes and sharing new recipes.

This page is dedicated to all the good cooks out there.  I hope you enjoy some of the recipes I post.

There are normally different ways to prepare food ~ please share any new way to prepare the recipe that has been a success.




6 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. I have a confession to make. For a long time my favorite cookbook was “Six Ingredients or Less.” Then another cookbook came out called “Four Ingredients or Less,” but I haven’t used it–so far.

    I’ve finally reached an age where I’m not afraid to experiment. I make up recipes for soups, stews, and chicken salad. I make chili and pot roast also. If I were not married, I probably would live on raw veggies and dip. it’s the dip, however, that’s loaded with calories. Do you know of a dip that is low in calories but actually tastes good? Thus far, I have found one: “Tomato & Basil Hummus Dip” (Trader Toe’s brand).


    1. I do not know of any dip that is low in calories, but if you find one please share it with us. The only dip we use is the Hidden Valley Ranch and although you can substitute the ingredients for low fat, that is something we do not do. Good luck in your search.


  2. LOL I hope so – my daughter doesn’t like gravy, she is losing her southern roots – when I was growing up it was staple like butter! But maybe it is something I can make for when I have dinner with my sister and her family.


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