Monday we had an ice storm pass through our area. It was a wintry mess to be sure. But I thought it would be a wonderful photo opportunity to capture winter in all of its glory.
Or so I thought….my camera would not charge so I am sure I need a new battery…no problem I will get our older digital camera it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery. And it doesn’t it, what it did have was 4 double AA’s that need replaced. So no pictures. But Eden Hill’s Blog came through and posted some beautiful pictures of an ice storm that passed her farm. And not only can you enjoy her winter pictures, but you can enjoy a picture of two of her beloved goats. They are just too cute. So stop her page and enjoy her talents with taking breathtaking photos.  Blessings – Patty

Eden Hills

Yesterday I woke up to an icy mess.


We were actually quite lucky where I live because we didn’t get a thick coating of ice.  There were no power outages or tree damage.

ice on trees

It did certainly make travel dangerous, though, and I was glad to stay home.  There were a couple of damp goats that weren’t too thrilled with it.

It brought the birds out again.

icy bird feeder

downy woodpecker

male cardinal

Male Cardinal

I need to stop and get some more birdseed.

icy bird feeder

They’ve been eating a lot!

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A Winter Morn

A Winter Morn
A cold silent winter morn
Silver skies awaken the mist of dawn
A lonely crow calls out, breaking the stillness
Waking nature from its slumber
As the evening darkness changes into a somber day
Reminding us winter is spring ready to be born again.