Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

When I saw the weekly photo challenge I knew I had the right picture for it .  So I searched high and low and could not find the original pictures on disk.  Of course I will find them once I post this picture!

So I took the picture I had framed off my wall and went to scan them, but for some reason my new photo program really highlights the pictures and I have yet to figure out how to tone them down.  So I did the next best thing, I took a photo of the photographs.

The pictures are from one of my Lilac bushes.  I took the series during a time in my life that I was experiencing an emotional winter and needed to be reminded that spring will be coming soon bringing renewal followed by summer which would bear fruit from my hardships and eventually autumn would return to prepare me once again for a winter season. 

The picture is not as perfect as what hangs on my wall, but since it is a picture of a picture I guess it is not too bad.

Changing Seasons
Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green ~ {Sewing Room}

I enjoyed my first photo challenge.  It was fun sorting through the pictures of our trips bringing back some happy memories.  Then as I was sewing last night I noticed I had lots of green items in my sewing room. 

I hope you enjoy the color green from some of my favorite things in my sewing room.

Green fabric with gold bugles, part of my Civil  War collection

Green Christmas fabric all ready for my next project

Green Christmas fun fabric

My Irish Colleen {A creation from a very dear friend} – in her green dress sitting on my green chair working on her sewing project.

Christmas presents, already packed and ready to put under the tree.

My mug that holds most of my sewing tools.


My Irish Teddy bear – a gift from my sister

My German Mouse including Lederhosen. Push
 his tummy and he yodels.

A New Day

The Heavens are quiet, earth is sleeping
Darkness offers rest to weary souls
Earth’s slumber is broken ~ Darkness surrenders the night
The sun rises to the brilliance of reds and oranges that are aglow
As the horizon beckons the morning light
Refreshed souls awaken ~ Heaven rejoices at the birth of a new day.
Used by permission from Leighdiprosephotography.wordpress.com
The light calls out to the moon and the stars
As shadows blanket the earth, calling to the darkness once more
The sun descends in hues of purple, oranges
and a burst of yellow  among the blue skies
Darkness covers the earth ~ the heavens are quiet as earth sleeps once more
bringing rest to weary souls that are awaiting the birth of another morn.

Carnival Cruise ~ Day 6 Nova Scotia

Day 6 had us sailing into Nova Scotia.  This was the port I was most anxious to visit.  I have always loved the books by Lucy M. Montgomery “Anne of Green Gables”, and now I will be in Anne country, the books take place at Prince Edward Island (PEI) as well as Halifax.  I was not prepared to get a glimpse of the most beautiful part of the world.

Again we were greeted by the beautiful people of Canada.  If there was an award for the friendliest people, Canada would win every year.  The New England and Canadian coast  offer the beauty of rocky beaches and breathtaking lakes and forests.  With scenery like this I could give up my mountains to live along the rocky coast of Nova Scotia.

Our visit consisted of driving by bus to Peggy’s Cove.  It was an hours drive from the port and along the way we enjoyed a scenic tour of Halifax.  Halifax is famous for making movies and as our tour guide stated, “Halifax is the Canadian Hollywood”.  Among the many stories he told us we learned that about 75% of the movie Titanic was filmed there and we saw the stage where Jack drowned in a large pool.  He took us to the park where Tom Selleck filmed one of his Jesse Stone movies and where Anne Murray got her start in singing.  We also learned that no matter who makes what or where, Nova Scotia has it bigger and better!  Sorry Texas, I think you have competition with Nova Scotia. 🙂 One story we were told took place in 1977 when the worlds largest lobster was caught off the shore in Nova Scotia at 44.4 pounds.  I wish I could remember more of the stories he told us, but towards the end of the tour, our bus driver did tell us that our guide was famous for his “fishing tales”!

There are so many interesting facts about Peggy’s Cove, so click on the link and learn all about this magical place.

Sunrise over Halifax
At Peggy’s Cove here is Tom holding Larry and Laverne & our tour guide in the back who taught us all there is to know about lobsters.
Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse
Scenic picture of Peggy’s Cove
View of Peggy’s Cove
Another view of Peggy’s Cove
Fisherman Memorial
A picture of me with the bagpiper at Peggy’s Cove. New Brunswick and Halifax proudly displayed their Scottish pride.  Notice my “Peggy’s Cove – hair style” I was told it is all the rage…called “windblown”! 😉
Back on board we enjoyed another afternoon on our balcony. This was our view as we enjoyed all sizes of sail boats and ships pass us. The highlight was watching a seal playing in the harbor.

Carnival Glory Day 5 ~ St John New Brunswick Canada

As we left Maine, I thought to myself nothing could be as beautiful than Maine.  And although we did fall in love in Maine I was not prepared for St John.  Not only was it a beautiful area, the Canadian people welcomed us as old friends.

We all prepared for autumn weather and was instead greeting by Indian Summer.  So while the locals were all dressed in shorts and short sleeve shirts we were all dressed in long pants and sweaters. So everywhere we went we were greeted warmly and asked which ship we were on.  As I waited for our lunch, I was asked again, if we were Americans from the Carnival ship, I jokingly asked, “How did you know? Is it because we are all in sweaters in 85 degree weather?”  The lady laughed along with me and said, yes! So we both had a nice little chuckle over our good luck in having wonderful weather but unlucky in not bringing anything cooler to wear.  We chatted in line like old friends until our food arrived.  After lunch while waiting for the second part of our tour, we walked around an outdoor craft fair.  At every booth we stopped at, the vendors treated us as if we were long time residents. Each person was eager to ask us how we liked St. John.  I hope we left them with the  message that everyone at St. John made us feel welcome and a part of their community.

Of course I took many pictures, but since time and space is limited I wanted to share some of the pictures of  the Bay of Fundy.  In the morning we went  on a boat to see the bay at low tide and where the river empties into the bay.  We were able to spot some seals frolicking in the bay, but they are quick little sea dogs and I have lots of pictures of the ripples of water as they went back under water.  I did get a picture of one “black dot” in the distance and as I told my husband, no one may know what that dot is but we know it is one of the seals as they were playing hide and seek.  All in all our visit was indeed memorable.

Sun rise St John New Brunswick, Canada
Low tide at where the river empties into the bay – Bay of Fundy
High tide – the river is now being pushed back by the rising tide of the bay and reversing the flow of the river where the bay is now emptying into the river.
Another view from the observation deck ~ the bay is on the left and the river is on our right.  This picture shows where the bay is staring to push back the river.
The Scottish Bagpiper serenading us as before we set sail. From what I understand it is a tradition to play as we arrive and as we depart.
Saying goodbye to St John
Sunset as we were sailing away from St John

Carnival Glory Day 4 ~ Maine

As we awoke that morning we were sailing towards Maine.  As the sun came up we ventured out on the balcony to see if we could get a glimpse of the Maine coast line.  Instead, what greeted us was a spectacular sunrise.  The day only got better from there.

This is only one of many shots of the sunrise as we were heading into Maine
I have never seen such a brilliant sunrise until that day…the next few days I would see God’s artistic touch greet me each morning.
Our first glimpse of Maine
The first stop on our lighthouse tour ~ The Portland Breakwater Lighthouse – also called a Bug Light.
A view of our ship from the Breakwater Lighthouse
The memorial for the Victory Ships that were built in South Portland. Interesting display inside of the WWII years.
The Rocky Coast of Maine – notice the whale fin of our ship in the background.
The Portland Head Light – it was awesome and the view of the harbor and bay was unbelievable. For this girl who lives in the mountains in Pennsylvania it was a sight to behold.
Another shot of the Portland Head Light

After a lovely day visiting these two Lighthouses and the Spring Point Ledge Light along with a scenic drive through Portland and its beautiful old buildings we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon on our balcony.  We read and relaxed while watching the sailboat traffic coming and going into the harbor.  Then all too soon we were on our way once again. 

Carnival Glory Day 3 ~ Boston

On Monday we docked in Boston Harbor.  As we were sailing in, we had time to reflect on everything that happened in this harbor.  We just stood in silence as we watched Boston come into view in the morning sunrise.  It was a solemn moment as we thought of the patriots who created treason with England to build this country.

We were spent only one day in Boston, not really enough time to explore all the historical places.  We booked an excursion that we thought would take us to many historical places.  We could not get into the early one so we were booked for the afternoon and it was a rushed bus trip.   The only time we got off the bus was for a few minutes to walk around the outside of the Trinity Church and Boston Library before getting on the boat that would take us on a scenic view of Boston from the harbor. The bus did take us to many historical places: the site of the Boston Massacre; the oldest cemetery in Boston – Kings Chapel Burial Ground; we drove around Beacon Hill, Cambridge, the site of the Boston Tea party, Boston Common, Boston Gardens, Cheers bar, and many old churches and stately homes.

We did venture out on our own, but had no idea where to go so we just walked around.  The pier where the ships are docked are not tourist friendly.  We thought of taking a cab but instead opted to walk around and enjoy the sights around us thinking the excursion would take us where we wanted to go.  Live and learn….but we still had a wonderful time in the great city of Boston.

Boston Sunrise
Granary Cemetery – the third oldest cemetery, 7 people who were killed at the Boston Massacre are buried here – picture taken from the bus
Site of the Boston Massacre – I was unable to take a picture since the bus could not stop. Picture courtesy Wikipedia.
Trinity Church
The USS Constitution from the harbor
North Church Steeple – view from the harbor
A view of Boston from the harbor
A view of our ship while on the harbor cruise

Carnival Glory Day 2 ~ Fun Day At Sea

This past week has been a busy one of getting caught up at work, at home and getting back to my normal routine.  My mindset is not necessarily still on the cruise but on relaxation.   So my house is not cleaned and I am not completely caught up around the house but by staying in a relaxed mood I have accomplished plenty more; enjoying a brisk autumn morning with a cup of tea, lunch with friends, a visit to someone long gone but through her precious granddaughter I have the privilege to know, and a relaxing Sunday afternoon of watching movies.  These are only a few of the things that have filled my days since I have been back.  So although I have not been productive but I have been enjoying that relaxed feeling that comes from a good vacation.

Day 2 and 7 took us out to sea.  We don’t gamble but we did get to one of the shows and enjoyed piano music in the main atrium lounge. Our fun days at sea mainly consisted of beautiful walks on the top deck enjoying the view.  It was also spent dozing off on the lido deck with the sun shining down on us and sea air being swept over us.

The pictures show our first relaxing day on vacation.  The first night was formal night, so we enjoyed a delicious dinner with fun dinner companions and wonderful waiters who not only serve the food but offer great entertainment! Before heading back the cabin we enjoyed the music from the different lounges as we strolled around the main lobby. 

These pictures show our view from our cabin and our walks.  I will post pictures of the cruise ship on day 7, since day 7 was much like day 2.  Two days of doing whatever we wanted to do with no time schedule – that is the making of a memorable vacation.

One of our lifeboats in our area..always important to know where they are.
The front view from the Serenity Deck . It was not raining but had a shield around the balcony.
View from the rear of the ship –
View from our cabin
View from our balcony, perfect for reading and napping.
Ocean so blue….
A stroll on the Lido Deck
The Captains Dinner ~ Formal Night

Day 1 ~ New York Harbor

Almost a week after we returned home I am still recuperating, it takes us old folks a bit longer to bounce back, of course a part of me is still on the cruise and who wants to do housework after a vacation?  I am not ready yet to focus on housecleaning after being pampered and spoiled for 6 days, so I am still putting my laundry away, and I can also start writing love notes in my dust around the house.  If only I could have brought home my cabin steward from the cruise!

So here I sit back in the reality of every day life getting motivated into my normal routine.  The memories of last week are not fading, instead I am re-energized from the wonderful time we had.

Not even a week ago we arrived at Pier 90 in New York Harbor and boarded the Carnival Cruise Ship Glory.   Although the decor was not our taste, the ship is indeed clean and colorful and like the ad states – fun.  I cannot say enough of the staff, they made our trip comfortable and treated us like royalty.

Our first day we enjoyed the view from the Lido deck and as luck would have it we were docked next to the USS Intrepid.  We also enjoyed the views of the Manhattan Skyline and God’s magnificent creation with a delightful display of clouds over the Hudson River.  That would only be one day of many witnessing God’s creation at its best.

Our time in NYC consisted of getting off the bus, being herded up to the area to be processed and onto the cruise.  It all took about 3o minutes and no time to dig out the camera to take pictures of the long lines behind us or entering the cruise.  Everything was well laid out and plenty of people on hand to get the line moving. 

But once on board and on the Lido deck I had plenty of photo opportunities…

Picture taken from the Lido deck, but we also had a nice view from our cabin.

We are on our way and saying good bye to the Statue of Liberty…
Our cabin – decorated for our wedding anniversary