Morning Mist

Misty summer morn
Casts a shadow of forlorn
As nature sings
Arise sun arise
From your slumber
A new day is born

                           Patty B. July 22, 2017

{Picture unknown source, internet}



7 thoughts on “Morning Mist

  1. The promise of God’s sunrise reminds us of His faithfulness and fills us with excitement for the day’s newness! (Besides, I am a morning person who loves the quiet of the early morning time!)


    1. I should have included Gods promise of a new day was my inspiration – you said it beautifully! I too am a morning person it is a special time for me to be with God as we start the day together. 🙂

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      1. Wow Patty what a Beautiful Card you sent me and the other messages were wonderful too, Thank you so much for thinking about me like you do, what a very Special Christian Woman you are, your Kindness shows God’s Love in your Heart.

        I will be in touch with my new Address, I just wish I could Thank you personally by Phone Patty but for some reason it won’t connect.

        Christian Love Always – Anne.


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