2016 HarrisonMany of us have pets or as we lovingly call them our fur babies! 

Over the years we have had many doxies and one beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog mix or fur babies as we call them – each one with their own unique personality.  And just like our children, we worry over them when they are sick; we feed them, protect and love them.  And in return they give us unconditional love and companionship.  There is nothing better than getting puppy hugs at the end of a long day.   

Last week we noticed one of our “babies”, Harrison would not go down the yard on his usual walking the perimeter routine. Then when he came inside he clung to us, his little paws hugging our necks and not letting go while his little body trembled as if something scared the life out of him.  We did find a hole where they were digging so most likely whatever critter they were after was not happy with them.  Later that night we noticed Harrison’s nose was swollen, so fearing he was bitten we took him to the vet.  We found out he had two abscess teeth.  The vet told us that the critter they were flushing out could have swatted at his nose as he was digging causing his tooth to dislodge and causing the nose to swell enabling us to notice the abscess sooner.  She also did say he could have fallen or hit his nose and that we will never know, other than whatever happened although giving us cause for alarm, was a good thing because it allowed us to take him to the vet sooner. 

If left untreated I hate to think of the consequences. 

He is home now after surgery where they also removed other teeth that was starting to show problems.  He is recuperating and enjoying the extra attention we are giving him.   

I saw how God had His touch on Harrison.  Some may say it was a coincidence that the “critter” did something to Harrison.  But I can tell you years of  flushing out critters (and bringing some home to us) they have always managed to have the upper hand – or paw. So I am thanking God for the critter or the accident that caused the chain of events that led us to take him to the vet now.   

I know Harrison’s time here on earth is limited.  But I am thankful to God for allowing us to watch over him a bit longer. 

God created all the animals, birds and sea life before He even created man.  God brought every one of His animals to Adam to name them. God declared His ownership over animals when He said: “For every animal among the trees is Mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills” (Psalm 50:10-11 NLV). He then entrusted them into Adam’s care, and today God entrusts them to our care. “A righteous man regards the life of his animal.” Proverbs 12:10 

I am thankful God entrusted to us the care of His doxies and one special Bernese Mountain Dog.  I am also thankful that our God is a compassionate and loving God who encourages us to pray over our beloved pets, or the creatures of the forests and even the birds at our bird feeders knowing He will watch over them.   

Everything God has created is perfect even to smallest ant.  And everything God created has a purpose, including each one of us.  

 “Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, saying: “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!”   Revelation 5:13 

We will even worship our Creator together.

Harrison with his brother Silver
Harrison with his brother Silver





43 thoughts on “Harrison

  1. I’m so glad things have worked out well for Harrison. Ever since I welcomed my cat Izzy into my home, I truly understand what a blessing these little fur babies are in our lives. Harrison looks like such a gentle, sensitive soul.


  2. So glad your doggie is okay.I know God place certain animals in our homes. We’ve had many as well; and they have/do give so much love and comfort. I read (part of ) a book called ‘Cold noses at the pearly gates’ and do believe our beloved pets will be waiting…. Diane


    1. I love that title – yes I am certain that there will be plenty of cold noses at the pearly gates. 🙂 We used to joke Tom that when he goes Home he will be attacked by many of his fur babies welcoming him home…he told me they often had more than 2 or 3 dogs at a time when he was growing up.

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  3. I pray over my dog Tibby a little Chihuahua X breed constantly she lost her brother last year. She is 18. They were both a gift from God at a time when I needed some-thing or someone to love. I feel for her now she is getting wobbly and a little lonely in her age. I continually pray for her and I reckon God is helping me help her. I love the thoughts on your dog. We here many stories of your different sorts of dogs here. One movie I love to watch over and over is Milo and Me, the finish the afternoon of with Old Yella.


    1. Dogs (all pets) are indeed a special blessing to us from God. I am sorry about your dog and will pray for Tibby too. 18 is a nice long life, but I know it hurts you to see her struggle. It is never easy. God bless you and your family and little Tibby. If you ever need a light hearted movie there is an old Disney one “The Ugly Dachshund” one of my favorites. Hugs….

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  4. There is such a special relationship among God’s creation! I don’t doubt that God orchestrated the details so that Harrison didn’t suffer (and was able to be treated sooner!)


  5. Hi Patty as I shared on my Blog I’m having problems Commenting again, you will find my Freedomborn’s Comment in your Spam, please mark it as Not Spam and than approve it and you shouldn’t have any more problems in the future when I Comment but please let me know if you do.

    I also have not received you e-mail have you sent it?

    Blessings – Anne.


    1. When I went in to see about resending email again I could not find it so it must have been deleted by the little computer fairies!! lol I will send another email in a day or too. Getting ready to call it a day – have to be up bright and early to hit the ole salt mines!


  6. Thanks Patty a beautiful Message and very True, Pets give and receive love and they very much respond to our kindness, what a wonderful gift from God they are. When He created all His Creation it reflected His Glory, that is why none will have an excuse if they reject Him.

    I still have not received your e-mail Patty, have you sent it ?

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne


    1. I will send again…ummm…not sure what is going on. I know for about 6 months I was not getting one of my favorite blogs, found it in spam and had to go into my spam daily to retrieve it. Clicking “not spam” finally worked and it is back in my inbox. Technology is great when it wants to work!! lol Hope all is well.


  7. Patty – I love your story about Harrison. Now tell me, this couldn’t possibly be one of your mischief makers of a couple days ago could it? And how about those pizza bones? Can he still chew them?
    Had I been able to see into the future and know Tom was going to be gone 3 months I would have convinced myself I couldn’t rescue a dog just when I received Bailey but he’s been a life-saver for me in so many ways.


    1. yes the one and the same. He is the alpha male and also our hugger. He is so loving and fills our lives with joy. I know if I had known Tom would be gone a few years after getting these guys we would have not gotten them. But if we had not then I would not know the joy they have given us. Just had another episode with Harrison, the vet thinks he got into something toxic…but he is fine now and driving us crazy again. Just want you to know you and Tom are on my heart and in God’s care.

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  8. Patty, I have had seventeen dogs – and one cat, and apart from two. they were all rescued. The love that they gave us was absolutely unconditional, and they always knew immediately that this was their new home and they were safe…and each time I’d say, not more – it hurts when they die – but then another little darling would appear.. and as we know, there are no accidents… so I knew they were meant to be with us… Love, valerie…


    1. Thank you for touching base…things are fine, just busy these past few months. Many good changes – new things to do and new adventures to go on! For some reason I was not getting your posts finally got the problem fixed. Missed reading your blog. Hope all is well with you as well.


      1. So good to know that life is working for you! Me too, after years of care-giving a much older, very selfish partner with no support from my family, and wondering if I would ever have a life again, I screwed up my courage, popped him in a luxurious care home where he has two people to bath him etc etc, and ran off with a wonderful man fifteen years younger than me who spoils me and cares for me. My family have turned their backs, they used the family trust to leave me virtually penniless, but we live joyfully on the smell of an oily rag in the forest hideaway we found! So yes, all is well !!!!


      2. You sure have been through the valley to the highest mountain top! Happy to hear you are happy and well and enjoying a forest hideaway (much envy here!!) away from all the stress enjoying God’s creation! Glad you are back…and after almost giving up my blog, I think I will be back too. Just restructuring a bit. :). Glad we connected again!


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