One Life

1 standing alone

A woman stands alone.
A silent scream.
A world falls apart.
No one stops.
No one listens.
A lonely life –

Life goes on except for the one who is hurting.
For her, life stopped.
A heart beats yet a soul has died.
Dreams fade no longer within reach.
Life has no meaning.
A broken life –

A woman unnoticed.
People walk by.
No one hears or sees her pain.
She is strong to many.
She is weak to herself.
A weakened life –

A Hand reaches out to the one who is hurting.
Bringing Life and Hope.
A lonely heart beats.
Awakening a weary soul.
Bringing life to lost dreams.
A renewed life –

The Light of the One who reaches out
Removes the darkness.
Takes her hand.
Showing the way.
God’s Strength, God’s Hope.
A transformed life –

                              {Patty Beggs 2016}







48 thoughts on “One Life

    1. When I wrote this it was what I have been feeling since Tom passed away but then I thought of you and others who have gone through the dark valleys – and the rest just flowed…Where there is Light there is Hope!


    1. Thank you – it as if my feelings came out through my pen….and I thought of many others who have gone through something similar…. there is always hope no matter what we are going through.

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    1. Thank you Sheri, I do not know how I did it, I give God all the glory for giving me the right words. Words have helped me heal along with the support and love from dear friends who understood. thank you for that!

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      1. Patty – I printed your poem and have it here by my side. I’ve sent it on to others who feel the same way. I know what you mean about the words coming from your fingers. I’ve had that happen to me, normally when I’m journaling and then I’m often able to turn that into a blog. Words are powerful and God’s words all the more so. Praise God for giving us words to express ourselves. Thank you for this beautiful and uplifting writing. I urge you to submit this magnificient piece to devotional’s for publication or something like that.


      2. Sheri I am honored that you would like to reprint it. Please do….it is my prayer that my words are used to help others. After all my words are a gift from God. Thank you –

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  1. Thank you for your sad but lovely poem, Patty. I’m still grieving over the loss of my dear mother. A few days before she passed, she let me know that she saw Jesus. That has sustained me, but I still miss her so. God is indeed our Comforter and we can rejoice in knowing that we will see Him and our loved ones again. May God bless and comfort you in your daily walk with the Lord. You are a woman after God’s own heart, Patty.


    1. You were given a special gift – and no it doesn’t take the pain away we will always miss those we love. God knows our pain and holds us close to His heart. May you continue to be blessed with His comfort. Thank you for your encouraging words – ❤

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  2. A beautifully written poem, Patty! Yes there are so many who hurt in silence, and people do just walk by. But God knows our every need and will be a Light in the darkness of our lives if we just let Him be…

    Good job!



  3. I felt your hearts sadness in your Poem Patty but also the Eternal Hope you have and share with others.

    Have I told you lately how much I appreciate and value you Patty, I’m reminded every time I see your hand towel, you are indeed a wonderful friend on and off the Blog. I wish I could give you a Hug for every time you have brought me comfort and Joy, you have been Jesus’ arms and His voice of comfort when I felt lost and was needing reassurance, Thank you dear friend.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne


    1. Anne you are so sweet – you have such a huge heart for God. These past three years have been filled with grief, pain and sorrow but also with God’s promises, strength and hope. You know I appreciate you too – God connected us when I needed you and has used you to encourage me and teach me. His Timing and His Ways are perfect – Thank you for being you!


      1. Thank you Patty for your words of encouragement and the prayers! I had an MRI on 7-27 and now have a Dr. appt. on 8-19 to discuss the outcome. It may be surgery or not…we’ll see.

        Take care and may the Lord love and keep you, Patty…

        Steve 🙂


  4. Hi Patty. I see you are visiting my site often and I appreciate that. I hope everything is going well for you right now. Looks like you are starting to write a post or two again…good for you! Keep making progress…and hopefully you will feel better each day.

    Lord love and keep you…


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