Meet Patsy

Meet Patsy
Meet Patsy

I am taking a small break from my break because I wanted to let you all know that I have been Peanutized!

Cee’s Photography did a nice article on becoming Peanutized.  In celebration of the new Peanuts movie they created this page where you can become a Peanuts character.

Since I was always called Peppermint Patty growing up I became Patsy – Peppermint Patty’s cousin.  Here I am with the Peanuts gang!

Have fun with it and share your Peanuts character with us.


57 thoughts on “Meet Patsy

      1. The Little Red Headed girl – isn’t she the one who Charlie Brown liked? Peppermint Patty is the one who liked Charlie Brown, if memory serves me. You are testing my memory!! 🙂

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      1. Same here I do a little coloring and a little sewing and a little reading, depending on what I can do. Sewing is actually perfect for me to do, but when I need to cut fabric my back and feet can’t take it. Coloring has been one of mine and Michelle’s favorite hobby, even have friends coloring. Thanks for telling me all about it. It seems the secret is out and now everyone is coloring to reduce stress. {hugs}

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      2. Yes, I love the coloring. I sometimes go at it to long and then the nerve pain flares up so have to learn to pace myself. Here’s a hint that cost me a little money. I picked up 3 coloring books at B&N as they have a gigantic display and it was so much fun looking at them instead of browsing in a catalog. As you are aware, they aren’t cheap. However – the paper printed with the design doesn’t come close to the quality in the books from the Dover coloring books. I’ve learned my lesson! Just because the coloring book says it’s a Dover Coloring Book [in the store it’s not made of the same quality] and the same is true on Amazon.
        I have to laugh – all the agonizing over coloring books and waiting for specific sales on prismacolor pencils and pens – I feel the stress mounting:)


      3. The coloring books sure are not cheap and then we have to buy the pencils, crayons and markers – I would like working with all three!! But at the end of the day it is worth it as the stress just melts away. Glad you are still enjoying it too. Hugs and prayers!


  1. All sounds a bit Nutty too me Patty Lol but a lot of fun, Thanks for having a break from your break to let us know about being ‘peanutized 🙂

    Now about that (((HUG))) you need a Holiday Patty and I have plenty of them to share and if you don’t come to Aussie land you will not only be ‘peanutized you will be pen-alized, yes I won’t write to you for a whole week!

    Much Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


  2. Thanks for your like of my post, Gospel Music Medley Part 1. I really love that music. Also, I have attended worship services in that church. It was quite an experience.


      1. You are very welcome, and thank you for your kind words. I have been extremely busy for the past week and have been unable to view comments. Your encouragement is needed.


  3. Hi Patty,
    I don’t know if you accept awards or not, but I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award.
    I so enjoy and appreciate your blog, and your support.
    I know you are on a break, if you decide to accept, it can wait until you are back to blogging.
    I Peanutized myself because of this fun post! Thank you.


    1. Thank you Robbye, I appreciate you thinking of me. It is always an honor to recieve an award. Isn’t fun to know we have peanutized!! Actually a few friends have started to call me Patsy instead of Peppermint Patty – amazing how the movie comes out and I have been thrown back into my childhood. I love it! Tell me about your Peanuts character.


  4. Hi Steve, thank you for checking in. We are doing fine, how about your family? My children and I are preparing to help a local church re-grow. It is where I work now in the afternoons and the pastor has a heart for God and people. He has planted churches and now we are confident he will build up this church again. It would not surprise me to see a big revival in my home town!
    Blessings for a wonderful Christmas and a joyous new year.


    1. I have too Sheryl – I still think of your grandmother often – she became a part of our lives. Hope you have a blessed New Year…now that I got my cold for the year out of the way I may get something done. 🙂


  5. Hi Patty! It’s good to see you visited a couple of days ago…thank you! Hope all is going well with you and your family…

    Steve 🙂


    1. Thank you Steve for always checking in. I am back to writing. I tried to stay away since I was getting so much done, but I know it was the Holy Spirit causing a restlessness in me. May God bless your day and continue to bless your ministry.

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