Becoming A Writer

After a wonderfully busy 8 months leading a bible study group, I find now is the perfect opportunity to sit down to fulfill my goal of becoming a writer, as my life returns to some semblance of normalcy.

I even purchased a nice new desk, sitting in what was once the breakfast nook, it is nestled in houseplants overlooking my yard. Unfortunately it also overlooks my kitchen and  dirty dishes (ok who am I fooling, I will admit, I no longer cook –so I may have a dirty dish or two, but to me it looks like the picture!). Then there is the kitchen table that is now a “catch all” for everything that comes into the house.

I am ok in knowing my house will never be spotless. But when I sit down to write it seems everything in my being is drawn to the endless distractions from a cluttered kitchen table, bills ready to be paid and the to do list that has no ending.

The birds are singing – a light breeze comes in through in the window and my mind settles down from the long to do list in my mind, focused once again on the magic of words.

Then the dogs need out and as I finally get the creative juices flowing once again they want back in. Ok, deep breath give them their treats, a puppy hug and another cup of tea for me and I am ready once again.  Soon I am transformed back in time as my characters start to come to life.

As I look out my window there is a squirrel in the dogwood tree, so I watch him eat the buds until either he or I get bored. The cardinals fly from fence to tree branch and back again distracting me with their vibrant red colors.. Then there are the bunnies brave now that the dogs  inside, as they make themselves comfortable in the yard.  The doxies, Harrison and Silver are curled on the sofa and Snoopy sleeping by the front door dreaming puppy dog dreams. The house nice and quiet once again.

I turn back to my writing when what do I see – a dozen of my plants looking wilted and dry. Back from watering the houseplants, I stop to pick up a few things before heading back to my desk.

Fingers on key pad – I actually have a paragraph done!

Oh my gosh! I forgot about the laundry that needs to be put in the dryer and the clothes in the basket from the last laundry day need to be put away. So I fold a few things and hang up a few shirts so they do not wrinkle and throw the rest in my already overflowing laundry basket.

As I head back to my oasis I notice a few more things that need done,then get another cup of tea and a few good German cookies and sit back down to write.

But now all sense of writing has left so I reorganize my plots for my book, jot down my blog ideas and make up a writing schedule I will keep, try to keep, have no hope in keeping!

Phew becoming a writer is exhausting!


Note:  All clip art (other than Snoopy) is from unknown sources.

58 thoughts on “Becoming A Writer

  1. I definitely know what distractions can do…. The best advice I could give you is that your laundry, dishes, cleaning etc. will all wait for you when your creativity takes a break… and to realize that if someone comes when the chores are still waiting…. well, they can sit down and have a cup of tea with you… and you can look at them or not… It’s not a problem!… It’s only ‘things’…. Diane


    1. You are right Diane – as my daughter says, cleaning is over rated!! 🙂 But I am learning the art of letting things go. Tom would be so proud – he always told me I cleaned too much! Thank you for your encouragement!

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  2. A very entertaining piece of writing, Patty! Here is one idea for you, but you might think it’s a bit strange. To keep myself from drifting away from my work, I will sometimes add the background noise of a cafe via a website called Coffitivity. “Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better.” Yes, it is a strange idea, but it works for me. Give it a try!


    1. I will have to check out that website. I listen to music – Pandora has become my buddy. But then I get distracted and start singing even when I listen to instrumentals – I can’t win!! lol Great advice thanks!

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  3. Oh Pat! This is awesome! I can so totally relate. Even as I read this I can hear the little footsteps of my son getting out of bed for the third time tonight..I will be getting up in just a moment to put him, once again, back in bed. 🙂


  4. I just finished writing a book: Christian non-fiction. Now I am having it edited, and deciding how to self-publish it. Yes, it is very easy to be distracted when writing! But from January to early April I was really dedicated, and worked quite hard on it. I had thought a long time about writing a book, and I think the time was just right and I wanted to get it done. What type of book will yours be?


    1. Let me know when it comes out. I think you are right, I need to get serious about it by taking it to the next level. I have two I am thinking about but the one I am working on now is a fictional book based loosely on my mothers life in Germany during WWII. I am enjoying the research and have most of my outline done for the first chapter.

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  5. Good luck with keeping the distractions away! You have the same annoying distractions in your house that I have in mine. Hope it’s better for you and you can get two paragraphs finished soon! 😉


  6. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this; my dream at one time was to write a book. I think it’s still there in the background of my distractions somewhere, buried so deeply I’m having trouble breathing life back into it. It needs finger to keyboard resuscitation, I’m thinking. 🙂

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    1. glad you enjoyed it. I wrote it while I should have been working on my outline. 🙂 What type of book were you thinking of writing. We can work on them together and encourage each other when our minds wander!

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      1. A few years ago my sister wanted a story of our childhood memories…well…my childhood memories. Seemed like a good idea to write what I remember. Never have though.


  7. Now let’s get this straight Patty, why did you steal my next message Hmmmm a good writer people can identify with and I’m sure many can Identify with this message of yours Patty.

    To be honest I don’t want to be a writer, although it is very worthwhile for those who do but being Dyslectic it has always been something I have battled with and even now unless lead to it can take a very long time for me to write and my cracks show but Thankfully God is the Super glue and when needed I can write fluently, it just flows, I do have to correct spelling and punctuation and sometimes add extra as it comes to me but it still amazes me what I do write, even the Scriptures come into my mind both in Posts and comments. When a thought is running around in my head, I pray about it and I either use it or nothing comes from it.

    Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with writing but to be honest again, I always enjoy what you share.

    Christian Love Always – Anne


    1. Thank you Anne – I like what you said about God being your super glue, He does stick with us through it all. I keep saying if I did not work outside the home it would be different, but I know there would be different distractions. I have always wanted to college and major in journalism. I have stories in my head that I have a need to put down into words.
      God has used you like He used Moses, Paul and many others – what a privilege that is.


  8. hang a curtain between you nook & the rest of the house so you don’t see all the work needing done 🙂

    put a fence around you back door and back yard and a doggie door in the back door so they can take care of their own business 🙂

    Remember, I you write one page a day you’ll have your book done in less than a year. Good luck. I look forward to reading it


    1. Perfect! I never thought about writing one page a day – wow you are right now the blank pages don’t look so frightening!! I love everyone’s advice, just what I need to stay motivated and organized. 🙂

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  9. Lovely piece! You describe so well my own distractions from the job in hand. Here’s hoping you settle down once you really know what you want to say (all that gathering in the washing etc, is really thinking time, surely?). I’m sure you’ll produce some great stuff soon. You already have…..


  10. This post is exactly why I write in our study (somewhat secluded from the kitchen and the outside world with my back to the window) in the early morning hours before anyone else (just my husband and I at this point) get up! 🙂 As Annie said, I love those times when the words just spill out. That’s when I try to drop everything else and just write. I know that “anointed” time will pass. We persevere because we know that is is worth out to tell that story!


    1. I do like early morning and late evening – there is something about a home before everyone starts to stir and when everything quiets down. I am learning to sit and do what I need to do, turning off all the distractions both electronic and housework and those moments when the words start to flow are beginning to take shape. Have a great day – Gods blessings to you and your family!


  11. Wow, you’ll make a fabulous writer! You already have a large following and loyal friends who love and care about what you’d write. Me included!

    Writing is a powerful outlet. My best advice is to write from your heart and not get hung up on style and perfection immediately. With experience as in all of life’s journeys we usually get better with time. I have another friend who is so hung up on perfection that he’ll never finish a novel. As Sean Connery’s character in Finding Forrester expressed so perfectly, “The first draft you write from the heart, the second draft you write with your head.”

    Blessings on your new endeavor,


    1. I love that quote Ellie and will have to write that one down. Thank you so much for your encouraging and supportive words – You always have a way of raising others up. May God continue to bless you with the same you love you show to others. 🙂

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      1. Now that is the way to think of it. Actually after writing this post I am motivated to get cracking and I have a good head start on my outline. Thanks for your encouragement!

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  12. Hi Patty, You write so well and this is true. I wondered if you could give me some suggestions for a Bible Study topic? As another Bible Study Ministry Leader, I’m searching for a short 4 week study on prayer, heaven (or other women’s topic.) I’ve facilitated one from Warren Wiersbe’s Be Committed series on Ruth/Esther and Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Both were fabulous! (I have the summer off and am starting to write my sequel but the fall is coming up quickly.) Thank you my friend, blessings,


    1. have you found a study? I will have to check with my sunday school teacher, I can’t remember the name but – we did one about the small g gods in our lives by Andy Stanley the son of Charles Stanley – I think it was 10 weeks though. With BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) we are doing Revelation next year. We start in Sept and it ends in May.

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  13. Thanks Patty, I’m so grateful you took the time to respond. I agree, Joanna Weaver has fantastic insight. So many great writers out there and many have wonderfully written books but not much recognition yet. I’d loved to find a topical one regarding prayer or heaven. Please keep me in mind if you come across another one, thank you!


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