Two Headed Giraffes~

I hope you all enjoy these photos taken from one of my favorite sties ~ I can always count on Cindy to have some great photos.

DSC06441 (1)
Giraffes know that two heads are better than one.

You can look in two different directions at the same time!

And one head can be used to prod the other along.

Three heads are even better than two,
but more prone to go in different directions.
Eventually they all reach accord.
But four heads?
That’s just too confusing!
Cheers to you from the elegant, intelligent giraffes~

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19 thoughts on “Two Headed Giraffes~

  1. Well, what lovely images. Thank you. I have mixed feelings about being introduced to yet another great blog. It’s wonderful, but… much to do, so little time…..


      1. It is difficult getting that energy back. I am still struggling to get my energy back, some days I feel as if things looking up and then I crash and have no motivation and energy to do anything but remember. Our reasons may be different but fatigue is fatigue.

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      2. It may not help sometimes but it is comforting and I know it gives me strength and courage to face what is ahead. Blessings and hugs to you and Tom.


      1. I’m certain you could do just as well with photos like these. I like your website very much!



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