Happy Mothers Day Mom!

momThe past few months have been busy ones for me, but as I like to say, it has been a good busy.

So I am happy for my first day back writing to be about my mom.

I want to honor my mom for the remarkable woman she will always be.

My mom was a stay at home mom. She did have an outside job once when dad was unemployed and worked at a family run business, an Italian Bakery. They lovingly called her the token German since she was the only one not related to the owners.

For the most part like many women of her generation she stayed home to raise us children and to give her credit she never ran out of the house screaming! That alone makes her mother of the year.

When dad retired from the Army the recession of the 70’s hit and jobs were scarce so we lived off of his retirement often. But mom could stretch a meal and we always had plenty to eat. She kept house, kept us fed and clothed and kept the family together.

mom 1964 (2)She was a strong woman, stronger than I have had ever imagined. She was also a survivor. Although I was 22 when she died, she taught me how to persevere when all you want to do is give up. She gave to me the best gift I would ever need to get me through my own hurdles – her strength.

Life was not kind to mom, but she did not let it get her down. She kept a stiff upper lip and forged on ahead. I often wonder how she was in private, because if front of us kids she kept a brave front.

Mom was loving, kind and compassionate. She was often serious especially when life was difficult which was often, but she also knew how to laugh and sing. She had a lovely voice and when I hear her favorite songs I can still hear singing along.

Through the ups and downs of my parents marriage, mom taught me the value of being a supportive wife and a loving mother without me knowing it. I was going to be a career woman, marriage and children was not my plan. I am thankful God had other plans for me!

One memory of mom is from when we were living in New Jersey and I would go shopping with her. We would walk to the neighborhood Italian market (when you walked in the smell of all those Italian cheese’s would hit you with an a wonderful aroma!), then the butcher and maybe a few other errands before making a trip to the Jewish Bakery for either Kaiser Rolls or Bagels, eating them on the way home.

When  my son was just born I will never forget seeing my mom visit me at the hospital to see her second grandson. She never thought she would live long enough to see any grandchildren and my sister and I both gave her grandsons she adored. My biggest regret was that my children never had a chance to know her love.

I miss so many things about my mom, her German accent for one; although she swore she did not have one! When Tom passed away I missed her advice and her encouragement.

Mom like dad died way to early – she had heart disease and her big loving heart gave out when her kidneys failed at the age of 57. She once told me she injured her kidney in an accident when she was young and when I would ask her she never elaborated. When I think of the horrors she most likely went through at the hands of the Russians my imagination gets the best of me.  She would often tell me about her younger days, but very seldom talking about her life during the war.

On this Mother’s Day I want to celebrate a woman who lived, who loved, who raised a family and who survived many battles and trials and much heartache.

Happy Mothers Day Mom – I thank God you were my mom if even for a short time.

these lilacs are for you!



41 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day Mom!

  1. Lovely memories. And you’re not the only blogger to write just now about Mothers’ Day. Strange for us Brits, as our own Mothering Sunday is long gone: traditionally the 4th Sunday in Lent, when servants got the day off from The Big House to go home and visit their parents, bearing Simnel cake.


    1. Thank you for the history lesson, I like how call your day and it is interesting, I did not realize that was the reason behind it. Do you still celebrate the day with Simnel Cake, which by the way what type of cake is it?


      1. Simnel cake is very like a traditional Christmas cake, except that it has a layer of marzipan through the centre. These days we eat it at Easter. It’s decorated with 11 marzipan eggs, which represent the disciples. Naturally, Judas is excluded.


      2. Sounds delicious! I love marzipan. I am going to see if I can find a recipe or see if the one baker who does European cakes can make one.


    1. Gee, you are making me blush!! Thank you for the sweet words. When are you heading home? I hope you are not getting too much of that bad weather from Anna. Prayers for a safe trip!


      1. Hi… We left Myrtle Beach when it was still a warning for a storm…and raining for some time… but shortly after leaving we heard on the news about ‘Anna’…. so it seems we missed the worst…. Diane xx


      2. Thanking God you made it home safely. I will send an email later – I was waiting for you to get home and rested. Hope you were able to get some rest and peace on the beach.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you – it is right we have a day to honor our parents after all they gave up so much to raise us. I know your Mothers day passed and hope you had a beautiful day.


  2. Patty… What a warm and heartfelt story about your mother. Her fortitude, love and personal history is astounding…and you have her genes! I am sorry she passed away so young but you are enriched by all these wonderful memories. Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!


  3. What a wonderful Mum and what a wonderful Daughter, both full of Love and good will, many Blessings dear friend for Mothers Day and everyday.

    Patty I’m willing to Adopt you if you would like a fill in Mom until you join your Mom in Heaven, where she is dancing and singing now for sure.

    Christian Love Always – Anne (Grannie Annie)


    1. Cool, lets see I have my German mom, a dear sweet Scottish lady “adopted” me so I would love to also have an Australian mum too!! 🙂 What a blessing you are!


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