Praise For Our Creator

Flower arrangement in honor of Revs Ken and Christine Woods Henderson

“Praise God from all creatures here below…”
Creator of everything and everyone
There is no beginning of time only You

You filled the Heavens with Your Glory

You Created the Universe displaying Your Power and Greatness

You Created the Angels to reflect Your Beauty

You Created the Earth, the splendor of Your Majesty

You Created the Animals, each one with a purpose You ordained

You Created man and woman in Your image –
An image of Love

You sent Your Son to Light our way back to You –
Restoring the natural order of Your plan

You are present each day and are already in our future
You breathe life into our souls – giving life eternal to those who love You.
You alone we honor and worship
Creator of heaven and earth

Since before time began
We Praise You Father, Son and Holy Spirit

My time spent in Spiritual Direction with my mentor, Christine is coming to close as we both begin a new chapter in our lives. Christine and her husband have retired and will start a new life in a different state. For me, I say good-bye to a friend and take what she has taught me to new heights as I continue to discover God’s plan for me.  Two endings and two beginnings.

I wrote this during my worship time with our Lord – a quiet part of my day that allows me to express my devotion to God through writing, music, stillness, and art. Writing has become my favorite form of spiritual discipline, expressing my praise to God in words.

I dedicate this praise for our Creator to Christine who through the years guided me to finding my true spiritual self, discovering my potential as a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ, Gods own Son and leading me to a fulfilled personal relationship with God – our Father. Christine has become more than a spiritual mentor she has become my friend, my sister in Christ.

Roses in the sanctuary celebrating the service of Revs. Ken and Christine Woods-Henderson
Rev. Dr. Christine Woods-Henderson
Rev. Dr. Christine Woods-Henderson

18 thoughts on “Praise For Our Creator

  1. Your Beautiful words of Praise Patty to our Awesome Creator God, reminded me also of a Hymn I use to sing (see below), Sometimes during the day I burst into song or when I’m on my Mobility Scooter, the need to do so is very strong and when I’m blogging and leave a Song this is one way I Praise God with others too.

    God’s Abundant Blessing – Anne


    1. Thank you Sherri,
      I think of you and Tom often and keep you lifted in prayer. Working full time after working part time for over 12 yrs is exhausting! But I am getting the hang of it. I just realized I am not 20 anymore, or even 30 for that matter. lol Easter blessings to you and Tom.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Patty. Thanks, also, for liking some posts at “Learning From God’s Word” – May the Lord bless you and make you a blessing to many.


    1. thank you for stopping by. I get much encourgement from your blog and the verses prepare me for my day. you put a lot of work in your posts, it is appreciated.


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