Flu Season


What can I write about the flu ~
Red noses



Starve a fever
Feed a cold
Feed a fever
Starve a cold

Is there anything else to say?

Just when you think it is safe to go out once again
The flu bug defeated – so you think
The virus makes its last stand
Taking its hold on you once again
Round two, three strikes and you are out

flu 2Dreaming of spring
Warm weather
Cool evenings
Singing birds fill your days and nights
The fragrance flowers fill your homes
No more thoughts of flu or colds
Noses red no more, coughing a thing of the past

Then ~
flu3Fragrance of Lilacs fill the air
Tulips and Daffodils blooming
Bring Pollen
Red noses once again
Puffy eyes among other things

Welcome spring and ….. Allergies…. {sigh}

The pictures were taken from google.com

About Patty B

My life centers around my faith in God and my family. www.thoughtsfromanamericanwoman.wordpress.com
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46 Responses to Flu Season

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Patty, we are still in the middle of the winter here, lots of snow, no sign of spring. My younger son is with a cold, I’ve just made to him a jasmine tea with honey and drops of lemon. Hope you feel better soon!


  2. It sounds like the cold/flu you had and thought was getting better….’didn’t’… I sure hope you get to feeling better soon… before the allergies begin… Diane


  3. Mustang.Koji says:

    I’m sorry to hear the flu is being pesky for you… it can be a very dreadful period of time that never seems to end… And oh, the allergies!!!


  4. Are you sick Patty? If so, I hope you feel better soon. ❤
    Diana xo


  5. Now what’s that saying Patty, I know, a sneeze in time saves nine Hmmmm, silly me that’s not right, it’s… a sneeze in time is just fine, Hmmmm Oh well when I get over this cold I’ll be able to think straight ….Yep it’s Summer here! now whats left…. come on Autumn!

    Annie blew it!


  6. I am here with you sister…been in bed for the last 6 days!!!! hope you start feeling better soon.


  7. Oh yes – the flu, colds and everything else – we turn and excuse ourselves. Tom’s immune system is shot. Some don’t understand when I say we can’t risk the possible exposure but neither have they been at his bedside while he’s been clinging to life with another virus in his body. I do my absolute best to stay away from crowds, shop at off hours, careful about what I bring into the house and disinfectants are my new best friends.
    Take care my friend. I keep thinking I’ll get an e-mail sent. My world has been upside down for a very long time but God is good and he provides.


    • Patty B says:

      Many churches now keep hand sanitizer handy and we have the option to shake hands when pass the peace –
      you have been in my prayers and I won’t let up. Prayers to you and Tom that soon your world will be set right again. Hugs

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  8. At least the allergies are more worth it, eh? 🙂


  9. I do hope you are now over the flu and that the allergies have not yet started. All the best to you 🙂


  10. Sheryl says:

    It sounds like you’ve been ill. I hope you’re on the road to recovery by now. This has been a bad flu season.


  11. margaret21 says:

    Noooooooo. Get well soon


  12. Wishing you healthy and happy, Patti! Spring is just around the corner!

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  13. LadyPinkRose says:

    Anytime I feel as though I may be coming down with something, I take Echinacea and Vita C. They work. And as for allergies …. what am I not allergic to under the Sun, yet I refuse to allow allergies to keep me down! I LOVE sunshine and flowers and GREEN. It has been such a tough winter for so many, myself included …. I’m panting for Spring so I can see my early Spring bulbs I planted to share with you!!! Hang in there!!! Spring truly is almost here!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  14. Cecilia says:

    I had to smile, but you’re right, for many it turns out that way. Did you hear that eating avocado helps avoiding allergies?


  15. Yikes! We’re in a cycle of snow and ice and flu and other bugs. It’s awful. Think spring!


  16. Oh Patty this is too cute and too terrible at the same time. 🙂 You poor thing, did you come down with the flu yourself, or is this simply a poem to cheer your friends who do? Everyone I know has been sick this year, (including hubby) and I am trying to stave it off with garlic, spicy soups, onions and whatever else I can think of. Not sure I’ll be able to, but if I do, I’ll smile at your poem, 🙂 You’re a real trooper!!! Blessings,


  17. Inese Poga Art Gallery says:

    Echinacea 3 times a day and green onions, garlic, all kinds of herbal tea, large spoon with every meal of fresh dill which makes up the entire daily intake of artificial vitamin C (it’s only ascorbic acid, therefore not alive), we grow in the garden a European vegetable which Americans and Canadians usually don’t have, that takes away any sickness, its black from outside, snow-white inside and looks like a dark beet at the first glance. I’m always taking seeds with me from Europe.
    Everything which strengthens your immune system is good, so onto your greens and tea and you’ll be fine! judging by allergies you have you probably should avoid anything chemical or artificial. That is very difficult, but still possible.


    • Patty B says:

      Thank you – my goal is to build up my immune system again – I can’t do some of the things, garlic, green onions or dill but the rest I can. And I do love my green veggies so I will have to double up on them. I appriciate your comment. Blessings –


  18. Patty says:

    You are right about the green tea and I am ashamed to say I have not been drinking it lately, sadly I can’t eat anyting like garlic so I must depend on green tea and yogurt. I did not know that about zinc rich foods, thanks for the advice. This year my goal is to build up my immune system and beat the flu!


  19. 50djohnson says:

    Boy,you hit the nail on the head with this one!! lol


  20. messiah gate says:

    Don’t know if it’s the flu (got the shot, but doc says the vaccine didn’t match this year’s strain) — anyway, knocked me down in Feb, and symptoms lasted until April.


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