Hope Blossoming in Love…..

Some of you may already know Anne from Freedomborn, she has a servants heart and has been an encourager to me. Many times when I feel as if I am unable to face another lonely day she posts a bible verse or some encouraging thoughts to bless my day. She had created this beautiful power point for me and I would like to share it with all of you and pray that you find the love, encouragement and blessings from our Lord through the bible verses and soothing pictures of tulips, my favorite flower. Anne is indeed one of my kindred spirits – knowing my heart. I can only pray that I touch her life the way she has touched mine. Thank you Anne for being a friend and a sister in Christ.


Red Tulips 1

Today I would like to say Thank you to Patty one of my close Blogging friends, her Blog is called “Thoughts From An American Woman” which do bring back memories (see link below) Patty is also one of my top Commenters and so WordPress Staff in my Annual Report, which they did a great job on, suggested in their kindness for me to personally thank Patty, I had been planning to do this already and was creating a Power point for her on Tulips with Hope as the Theme, both of which she chose herself (see below) I greatly appreciate the Love and encouragement Patty shares in her comments but would also like to say Thank you because she is such a beautiful Christian woman who has greatly blessed me.

I will also thank personally the other top Commenters that WordPress advised me of, over the coming weeks and anyone…

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11 thoughts on “Hope Blossoming in Love…..

  1. Thank you for your kindness in Reblogging your Power point Patty and for your Loving words, what I value a lot about you, is you don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk, in other words you genuinely care about others and show it, it’s not all about you, Thank you for being you a V.N.P.

    Christian Love Always in Christ Jesus – Anne


      1. I would love it to be sure! I like your dads saying it is so true especially now that I started a second job. My dad would say “running around like a chicken with heads cut off” either way “befuddle” we are!


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