Honoring Our Veterans

Veterans DayThe past few days I have been thinking on what to write to about for Veterans Day. Most of know the history of Veterans Day or Armistice Day and in case you do not just click on this link: Veterans Day for the history of how we came about to celebrate this day.

There will be poems and articles of our brave men and women who over the years served this country, either on the battle fronts or behind the lines. I read somewhere today that over 48 million served in our armed forces since 1776. Most not seeing combat, for every combat soldier there are 5 or 7 soldiers serving in supportive roles.

So, what better to way honor Veterans Day than to honor the men and women I know personally who served?

Many of you know I am an Army brat, that khaki green runs in my blood.

Today I would like to honor the veterans that I have had the privilege to know

My grandfather served in the Army during World War I; My father served in the Army in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, only seeing combat in WWII in France, Belgium, the Rhineland and Germany; my brother enlisted just as the Vietnam war was coming to an end; my husband enlisted in the Navy and served in Europe with the NATO Forces in the middle of the Vietnam War, then after college re-enlisted in the Army serving with Joint Services in CENTCOM (Central Command), Gulf War and the War on Terror, retiring from the PA National Guard with over 30 yrs service; my son served proudly with PA National Guard in Bosnia and Afghanistan.

One cousin served in the Army doing 2 tours in Vietnam and another cousin some of you may know served in the Marine Corp retiring after a few tours in Vietnam and 30 yrs of service. My two brother in-laws served, one in the Air Force in Europe and one in the Army also doing duty in Vietnam.

I have had the honor to work with one lady who served as an Army nurse on one of the hospital ships in the Atlantic during WWII. There was the young man who was a close friend of my fathers who served in Korea but tragically took his own life, suffering from shell shock or what we call today PTSD. I have worked with men serving on board air craft carriers and one gentleman who retired from the Navy was on the first sailors to serve aboard the USS John F. Kennedy, the only ship of her class and the last conventionally powered carrier built for the United States Navy.

There is my neighbor, a retired Korean War Veteran, who for years he served on the military honor guard at funerals of many veterans. Now retired from the military honor guard and no longer being able to get around he put on his uniform one last time to serve as part of Tom’s honor guard.

One gentleman at our church comes every year in his old Army uniform for our Veterans Day service. Another gentleman who served in the Army during WWII has not been able to attend church, came out Sunday to be a part of the service. He spoke at our youth group one Veterans Day and told us he did not do too much during the war. He served in what is now Iran, keeping the supply trucks moving along making sure the troop’s supplies were getting through to places like North Africa – no he did not too much did he, he only made sure food, supplies and letters from got through to the men on the front lines.  Like many Veterans he doesn’t see himself as a hero.

My friend’s husband, whom I never met, passed away over 30 years ago from cancer, served in the Coast Guard. There are sons and daughters of friends of mine serving in the Army, Navy and Air Force. Husband, Wives, Brothers and sisters of friends over the years that choose a career in the military leaving the comforts of home to serve in places like DMZ zone in Korea, the Middle East, Iceland and submarines or battleships.

Who is your Veteran or perhaps you are the Veteran? Please add them to my list – let us honor them by remembering what they did. No matter when, where or how our Veterans served, they are our protectors and defenders of freedom.


25 thoughts on “Honoring Our Veterans

  1. My dad served as an army paratrooper in the occupation forces in Japan after World War II. He later served in the Air Force Reserves during the Cold War in the 1960s. My stepson served 20 years in the Air Force, part of that time in special operations, so we will never know exactly what he did.


  2. My late husband was in the Air Force, along with my brother (who introduced us). My brother John did two tours in Vietnam and suffered from PTSD. My best friends (both of them) have sons who served in the Army. My husband’s son just got out of the Navy, and his son-in-law is a Captain in the Army. I’m proud of every one of them, and very thankful for them.


      1. Thanks so much for the prayers!! We’ve been well, keeping very busy with work, etc, and visiting family/friends. Not on here much lately, so it was nice to connect again.


  3. Thank you. My father served, but during “peace time”. Both of my grandfather’s served in the Navy. Uncles. Cousins. And numerous friends. One nephew joined the Air Force. And then there are the scores of men and women I meet in my line of work who served so very long ago and who are now aging fast and passing even faster.


    1. We should be thankful we have peace time, but I know even during peace time our soldiers are always ready to go when called upon. A Big thank you to your dad and other family members.


  4. Thank you Patty for your disclosure of your Military pedigree, a wonderful list of people, family and close to you, who have served their Country, you have much to be proud of!

    I think any person who puts up their hand, to serve their Country whether it be Overseas or not , front or back-line, its immaterial, they go where they are sent. We, all of us are the richer for their sacrifices and to honour that sacrifice and service and some made the ultimate sacrifice, is the only right and proper thing to do, which we did yesterday in Australia too, with our Remembrance Day or Poppy Day.



    1. Too many of us forget that Australia, England, Canada and other nations also honor their Veterans – I honor all of them, the brave young men and women who sacrifice so much that help to keep our world safe from evil.


  5. My great grandfather was Navy WWI, my father, Navy WWII Pacific, an uncle WWII Merchant Marine in England, my uncle and father-in-law served in Korea, a cousin in Vietnam, a cousin served in the Marines, a niece and nephew in the ID National Guard ; those who served in the Civil War and Revolutionary War. Thank you one and all. I salute you.


  6. Wow Patty, what a line up! as Ron said you have much to be Proud of and yes there is two faces of War, the freedom it brings and the heartache that results but many more would suffer and not by choice if we didn’t fight for the freedom we have now, yes some fight only for material gain and Power but than that is where their focus is but they will be bankrupt Eternally unless they come to heart repentance, without Faith there is no real gain.

    Thanks for sharing Patty, we will be praying in thankfulness for all our Soldiers around the World who fight for what is right.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


  7. I love when our service asks the veterans to stand during the service. They always have a mixed look of humility and pride. My father served in the Air Force during the Korean War and, after he died, I requested his military records. Most of them were destroyed in the 1973 fire, but I was happy with even the small bit of information I received. We didn’t know much about what he did, but we were proud of him.


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