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It feels good to be back on my computer (almost said typewriter!) writing down my thoughts and creating stories. Although like most of my projects I have about 5 ideas going around in my mind at the same time. I guess that is how God created me, with an over active imagination, like my favorite character in literature, Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gable who was always looking at life through her “scope of imagination”.

Heart and HomeOn to one of my projects – my latest book review, Heart and Home by Jennifer Melzer

Over the summer I was determined to get back into the habit of reading and I am now comfortably in a routine. I used to sit and read at a drop of hat, anywhere, anytime. Well, life gets busy, especially now as I still struggle with finishing everything that needs done. Through trial and error I now end my busy days in comfy clothes, all curled up in my favorite spots with my nose in a book.

One of my favorite summer reads was a book written by my cousin, Jennifer Melzer. She did an interview on my friends blog – Marcia Meara, you can find it here. …

Our family comes from a long line of story tellers. Imagination and writing is in our blood. If my father had written down all of his stories we would have been rich! So although he never made it to be a famous author, he did keep us rich in his stories or maybe I should say tall tales.

Jennifer lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter and dragons, “but dreams nightly she is laying on the beach watching the stars fall over the Atlantic Ocean”. Although our family are mountain people, there a few including my grandmother, Jennifer’s great grandmother and my daughter who love the ocean. Jennifer like the rest of the family is a story teller. Unlike those that came before us who would sit in front of the fire and telling tall tales, Jennifer sits at her computer for hours perfecting her craft as she tells her own fables.

Jennifer has a an imagination that would make Anne Shirley proud! She writes fantasy romance fiction, and as it says on her facebook page she “spins yarns woven from heartstrings”. I am proud of her accomplishments, although I do not normally read fantasy fiction I wanted to read her latest book which at the time was “Edgelanders“. While waiting for it to come out, I noticed another book she wrote, ” Heart and Home“, an endearing story of the area we live. So I chose to start off with that one.


Janice McCarty is a young journalist living in Pittsburgh when she gets the phone call we all dread. Her mother has suddenly passed away. She left her home in Sonesville, PA 8 years before and had seldom returned home. As she arrives she begins to feel out of place. While her friends married, had children, attended church suppers, quilting bees and a scrapbooking club, she had found a career in journalism.

Her plan was to make sure her dad was taken care of before she headed back to civilization where her job awaited her. Soon her life gets complicated by a former class mate and football star who had ambitions of his own. They kept bumping into each other in their small home town or maybe they were being thrown together by her mother’s restless spirit who, “leads her daughter down a path she swore she’d never take, and Chandra McCarty’s ghost has no intention of letting go until her daughter finally sees she’s more than just a byline, and home is where the heart is.”

You will enjoy this story about a young woman who comes face to face with her past only to realize that her past will soon become her future.

I have not yet read any of Jennifer’s other titles, but they are on my list. Jennifer’s writing style, imagination and attention to detail has me anticipating reading her other titles. I hope you enjoy her books too and please leave a comment with your review as well.

You can find her list of books on Amazon by clicking here – Heart and Home

Her latest book is Sorrows Peak –  is also available on Amazon


14 thoughts on “Book Review – Heart and Home

  1. Hi Patty, thanks for the review, seems great, I’ll add it to my list. Like you I like to be comfy and reading, my mind flying on the pages, and of course a nice and warm cup of tea by my side. Have a great day!

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  2. I went to Amazon and read the part they let me see. It kinda hooked me. Now I gotta see if I’ve got enough in my account to cover it! I know I don’t have enough to get all her books, but maybe one at least.


  3. Thanks Patty for sharing, it sounds like Jennifer has a wonderful gift but I have always enjoyed your expression too, it also has heart touching thoughts. I had to smile when you said Anne of Green Gables, who was always looking at life through her “scope of imagination”. Mum use to call me Anne of Green Gables, Anna carries her Banner and Annie gets her gun, Wow what a line up!

    With being Dyslectic to help me learn to read, I use to have to read up to 5 books a week, you would have been amazed at my selection, I have given a lot of books away but I still have quiet a few. When I became a Christian I changed to reading Christian books all types including Christian fiction but now most of my time is spent Blogging, I can fast read so I don’t just leave a Like, I read what is shared and comment when I feel lead to, which is often.

    Sorry but I found with another Blogging Author who had written a book that Amazon won’t let you do a review now unless you buy something, I don’t appreciate this, so I don’t buy from them now not that I wouldn’t bye if I felt the need but I don’t like being forced to buy.

    Thanks again – Christian Love Always – Anne.


    1. Someone else was telling me about Amazon too…how sad. Because friends and I share books not to mention the library.

      Every time I think of Anne of Green Gables I now think of you!! You are my Anne girl!! 😉


  4. Heart and Home sounds like a book I’d enjoy. I like to read books set in Pennsylvania because I can picture the area–and the characters often have experiences that I can relate to.


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