The Day After Thanksgiving

I dedicate this song to everyone who waits until Thanksgiving to play Christmas music, decorate and start their shopping!

You can thank my son for giving me the CD – now I will think of all of you with smiles as I listen to this song and secretly sing to you “It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas”!!

You know I love all of you! πŸ˜€Β 

“The Day After Thanksgiving” by Brandon Heath
There’s still plenty of leaves
Golden on the trees
Hoodies, blue jeans and football
Bonfires and school nights
Scarecrows and hayrides
It’s fall everywhere except the mall

I don’t want to hear about Santa Claus coming
No silver bells or a dozen drummers drumming
I don’t want to see an inflatable nothing
Till the day after Thanksgiving
(And not a day early)

Don’t plug in those electric candles
Or dangle those stockings from the living room
Those tangled up lights are more than I can handle
Till the day after Thanksgiving

Then oh let it snow
Go and tell everyone you know
That Christmas is here
Every day between now and new year

Don’t deck the halls with the tinsel or the holly
You can make me grumpy but you can’t make me jolly
Elves don’t even make curly haired dollies
Till the day after Thanksgiving

Then oh let it snow
Christmas card, everyone you know
Then pour on the cheer
Every day between now and new year

I want the cookies and the mistletoe kissing
Angel on top of a tall tree glisten
Wrap it all up in a pretty red ribbon
The day after Thanksgiving

(You can put antlers on your car for all I care)
As long as its the day after Thanksgiving


20 thoughts on “The Day After Thanksgiving

  1. Sadly Patty we don’t have Thanksgiving like you do but than our History is very different to yours but I do enjoy finding and reading Blogs who share about it, last year I met a few new Bloggers this way.

    I know you Love Christmas Patty but what does Thanksgiving mean to you, has it always been a special time for you too?

    With selling the house there is so much sorting to do, I’m not sure what Christmas will be like this year, I’m beginning to think it was not the best time to choose to sell, anyway one day at a time.

    I Love you too Patty, you are a very special woman with a beautiful heart, thanks for being my Blogging friend.

    Christian Love – Anne


    1. Thanksgiving is a special time spent with family and friends. I thank God daily for my blessings, but the Thanksgiving holiday is a good time to remember God’s goodness over the year. I always liked the idea of the first English settlers and the Indian nations coming together sharing what they have – too bad greed took over but that is something for a blog article! Christmas is my favorite holiday – the day our Lord came to earth. I find it interesting the early Christians did not celebrate His birth but then they were more focused on His return, something we should be today too.
      It is never a good time to pack up and move, I trust God to look over you during this time.
      You are such a blessing to me too – I send you my love and hugs from across the world!


      1. I never thought to listen music that way, what fun to listen year by year and the memories they would bring. Now you have me thinking of the Beach Boys Christmas album – πŸ™‚ I will have to listen to that next, good driving into work music.


      2. I used to listen to my music in alphabetical order by artist name, and then chronological order within the artist. That allows one to see how the artist changed over the years. Listening to The Beatles, Who, Led Zeppelin, etc., like that is really interesting. However, when you get to artists like Chicago and Neil Young, listening to one artist’s 40 albums in a row can be tiresome, so I switched to pure chronological order. And you’re right, it does conjure up more memories like that.

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  2. My husband can’t hear Christmas music until after Thanksgiving! Well…unless it is TSO Then he can listen just fine! Me? I like it all year! Thanks for the wonderful post! πŸ™‚


  3. Patty, I’m smiling cause I can relate to this song. In Canada we’ve had Thanksgiving already, and my daughter asked me today if she could hang up our Christmas wind chime. I asked her to wait until Dec.1st. I think I’ll give in sooner. Life’s so short.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


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