The silence of the morning
Tick tock goes the clock
A lonely bird cries out
The stillness opens the heavens
God fills our waking souls
The morning fog gives way
To the chill of an autumn day
Day is done
Silence fills the busy day
Darkness covers the weary land
As Crickets sing a nighttime lullaby
The silence of the evening
Tick tock goes the clock
God quiets our tired souls
                      Patty Beggs September 23, 2014

25 thoughts on “Silence

    1. Yes there is…and it is a time to not only feel Gods presence but to feel Tom with me. It has become our special time – just a reminder that he is always with me – you know. I consider it a gift from God.


      1. I know what you mean. There is a star that seems to twinkle when I go out and sit a while. I talk to it as if Mike is there. Sometimes I think he has our dog do things she never did before, more kisses and actual doggie hugs than ever and she won’t stop. And, of course I love every minute of it”


    1. Actually this is picture was taken a few years ago in early winter. Although my one tree is really bare now. We are concerned that the leaves will drop before the fall foliage. But so far so good our mountains are starting to turn color.

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      1. Ha…I love the mountain areas but not the beach as much! And I live in the desert which isn’t my “cup of tea” much at all…

        We are all so different, yet the same as well!



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