How God Views Us

How God Views Us – as His Priceless Treasure, more valuable than any number of cows. He delights in us because we are His Redeemed Children… ” If you don’t know this already – accept it as truth, God LOVES you – you are important and valuable to God! “This gives us Godly Self-worth so there is no need for Worldly Self-esteem.

God sent His beloved one and only Son Jesus the Christ, a gift more precious than anything imaginable,


11 thoughts on “How God Views Us

  1. Thank you Patty for the Reblog I appreciate you sharing it with your followers, I have had a lot of response which I’m grateful for, as I shared on my Blog it’s message reminds me that the beauty God sees in us, it so much greater than what the world does, our value to Him is beyond earthly reckoning , He delights in us and as we do His will we experience His inner Joy, even when we have Storms in our lives.

    Christian Love Always -Anne


  2. Thank you Patty for Reblog as I shared on my Blog, it was very kind of you, the message has always touched my heart and given me assurance that God Loves us greatly, we don’t have to measure up to worldly perfectionism, God sees our True beauty.


      1. Anne you always uplift me. Some days I feel so stressed and down and then you come along and God speaks through to you to bring me that “heartlift” and hope. Thank you!


  3. Words that flows to our hearts. God love us first, now and for always. When everyone has given up, he hasn’t. His love endures forever! God is good, all the time! God bless my friend. Best wishes to you and your family.


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