How God Views Us

How God Views Us – as His Priceless Treasure, more valuable than any number of cows. He delights in us because we are His Redeemed Children… ” If you don’t know this already – accept it as truth, God LOVES you – you are important and valuable to God! “This gives us Godly Self-worth so there is no need for Worldly Self-esteem.

God sent His beloved one and only Son Jesus the Christ, a gift more precious than anything imaginable,

Freedomborn's Kingdom Garden

Cow 33Cow 33A Story is told of a primitive culture where Brides were purchased from their Parents using cattle as an exchange medium.  An average Woman might merit the bride-price of two cows, an exceptional Woman

 might bring three; Cow 33Cow 33Cow 33

While a less desirable Woman’s family would receive one.

Cow 33

Into this Society, the Story goes, a rich and attractive Suitor came, looking for a Wife… 

 All the families paraded their eligible Daughters before him.  Everyone was surprised when he announced his intention to negotiate with the family of a young Woman who was unattractive and clumsy. 

 Perhaps it’s a bargain he’s after”, the Townspeople speculated, wondering if perhaps he would offer chickens instead of cows. 

  To everyone’s amazement, he offered the girl’s family six cows for their Daughter and quickly whisked her away for a long Honeymoon.

When they returned, months later, no one recognised the new Bride.  Gone were the…

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My life centers around my faith in God and my family.
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11 Responses to How God Views Us

  1. Anne says:

    Thank you Patty for the Reblog I appreciate you sharing it with your followers, I have had a lot of response which I’m grateful for, as I shared on my Blog it’s message reminds me that the beauty God sees in us, it so much greater than what the world does, our value to Him is beyond earthly reckoning , He delights in us and as we do His will we experience His inner Joy, even when we have Storms in our lives.

    Christian Love Always -Anne


  2. Patty – Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with us. It is truly a story worth repeating ten thousand times over.


  3. Anne says:

    Thank you Patty for Reblog as I shared on my Blog, it was very kind of you, the message has always touched my heart and given me assurance that God Loves us greatly, we don’t have to measure up to worldly perfectionism, God sees our True beauty.


  4. You are right about that dogwood. Gorgeous.

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  5. Words that flows to our hearts. God love us first, now and for always. When everyone has given up, he hasn’t. His love endures forever! God is good, all the time! God bless my friend. Best wishes to you and your family.


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