It’s Time For Christians to Get “Back to the Basics”

I am in the midst of three writing projects right now and have not had much time to write for my blog, so I am a bit behind at the moment, which for many of you who know me, know this is nothing new!! 🙂 As I was reading my blog subscriptions this morning, Ellie did a review on “Back to the Basics, A Guide for Christian Living”. I have not read it yet but I do follow Joe’s blog. I trust his book is full of the same insights he puts into his blog articles. So another book for your summer reading pleasure that I am sure will be used all year long. ENJOY!

New Creations Ministries

Have you ever opened a brand new box of Godiva chocolates and after tasting the first one thought, “Oooo, this is so good!”  Then after tasting another professed, “And this one’s even better!” and yet another . . .  “Actually, this one’s the best,” eventually deciding each was actually your favorite?  Well that’s what I  experienced after opening and reviewing each chapter of Back to the Basics: A Guide for Christian Living by Pastor Joe Quatrone, Jr. It truly is as addictive as chocolate. Each chapter captured my attention, drawing me in, becoming my favorite. I found it to be a hard book to put down once I began reading it.COVER

Compiled in an easy-to-read format with short chapters, it is chocked full of thought-provoking questions typically asked by Believers and non-Believers alike: Why  must there be consequences to my actions? What are the benefits of waiting for God’s Will and how would I even know what that is?  How can I  stand strong in the faith…

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9 thoughts on “It’s Time For Christians to Get “Back to the Basics”

  1. Thank you so much Patty for spreading the word on Pastor Joe’s wonderful book. Can’t wait to read yours too! Yes it is definitely worth the read and would make a great book for a new believer too. (Oh I just caught Presents post above – how sweet!)

    My new book entitled, “Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese . . .” (nutritional and life lessons God teaches us) is coming out in about 6 weeks and I am so excited about it! It is targeted toward women’s bible studies. Pray that it is well received – not for my glory (because it’s my ministry) but for His. Blessings,


    1. I did not realize you had written book, boy there are so many of you talented bloggers out there. I look forward to reading it when it comes out, or I should say do the study. Congratulations!


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