Busy Busy Busy

 Hello everyone!  I have had a “good” busy month.  I had a brilliant idea to plant some shrubs and plants in the front of my house after my boss and his wife gave me a hydrangea bush. 

First I had to dig out all the grass and weeds, get rid of the stones and rocks, lay top soil and then plant and put in more top soil and mulch.  For a city gal who likes the great indoors this was a large job. If you click on the picture to enlarge you can  see what I have done.

So one morning in the beginning of May after I received the Hydrangea I thought oh why not fix up the front of the house, it doesn’t look to hard!! That should have been my first warning.  What started out to be a weekend job turned into a month-long job.  But I am finished now and the shrubs and plants are now planted.  Next is to decide what flowers to put in.

Instead of laying wood or timber for a border I decided to plant Hostas plants to use as my border.  Now when I purchased the bulbs I assumed they would have some growth and was disappointed that they were only bulbs and lots and lots of roots.  I pray that they come up. I am not good with starting plants and they usually die.  So in the front eventually will be full, healthy looking Hostas that I posted here.

In a perfect garden they should look like this: This weekend I will add some more ferns to the side of the house and the Lily of the Valleys I purchased this past week, along with a few flowers to bring some color to the front of the house. I guess what they say is true, you are never finished with your garden once you get it planted!

I will admit that all of this hard work was good therapy and for the first time in a year I actually feel energetic and clear minded.  Hard work is indeed the best medicine for what troubles you.

So although far from finished I think I am off to a good start.

Now I am ready to get back to blogging and writing – and my next project with the  help of my brother in law is to seal around the stone blocks that the winter snow and salt damaged. I am becoming a Mrs Fix It – Tom would be surprised but pleased!

The Hydrangea Bush my boss and his wife gave me for Administrative Day and what started it all!!

The Hydrangea Bush my boss and his wife gave me for Administrative Day and what started it all!!

The new table and chairs my daughter put together with a little help from mom. She did a pretty a good job!

The new table and chairs my daughter put together with a little help from mom. She did a pretty a good job! A nice place to relax after all that hard work.

The start of my ferns, I have two more plants to transplant this weekend.

The start of my ferns, I have two more plants to transplant this weekend.

The left side of the front of my house.

The left side of my front steps.  Imagine 4 hostas plants creating a beautiful border. 😉


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50 Responses to Busy Busy Busy

  1. arlene says:

    You’re doing pretty well with the gardening Patty. Gardening is therapeutic.

    • Patty B says:

      Thank you Arlene, I am sorry I am just now answering this, I noticed it went to pending…not sure why. Anyway I appreciate your comment and for stopping by. And yes it is very therapeutic ~ Blessings!

  2. worldwebcams says:

    Fantastic pictures and always nice to get the weather for some relaxing garden work

    • Patty B says:

      One of the reasons it took so long was that weather did cooperate – we had a very rainy May. Thanks for stopping by!

      • world webcams says:

        Your very welcome and I will keep in touch, and I understand about your weather with cold fronts and changing weather all the time it’s hard to know when to plant any types of shrubs in the garden. I choose all year round plants for all types of weather, but not the best colorful ones I must add. Today we had rain and sea fog with a light breeze here in Scotland.

      • Patty B says:

        It is always nice to meet another Scot! My great grandparents were Scots/Irish. We are very proud of our heritage and hope to travel to Scotland one day. It is a beautiful country, you are lucky to live there. I also enjoyed your blog and look forward to seeing more web cams – my favorite was the sky diver.

  3. Your garden will be beautiful and I think your hostas will grow … they’re pretty hearty…And it’s good that you had that time to like you say clear your head… and I think give you a good feeling of satisfaction… job well done.. Diane

    • Patty B says:

      The extra hosta that I have in water until I can plant it on Sat is showing signs of shoots – so I can only hope the ones outside are doing its thing and shoots ready to break ground. 🙂

  4. jaggh53163 says:

    Patty – The “hard work” you’ve put in this past month will bring you years of pleasure and satisfaction. Yes, Tom would be very proud.

  5. Patty, there ain’t nothing like playing in the dirt and gardening. I’m so proud of you all that you are accomplishing – Yes Tom would be proud!

    • Patty B says:

      Thank you Diana, and yes it was fun and very therapeutic. Tom has always encouraged me to try and do new things, so I give him the credit for me to have the drive to do it.

  6. lexiesnana says:

    This is beautiful. We have been digging in dirt too and it is hard work so hats off to you. Blessings

  7. Patty, I am so proud of you! What hard work, but what beautiful results! Enjoy every special moment when they all bloom! Take photos when the hostas grow! 🙂

  8. Lori Lara says:

    Great job, Patty. There’s something special about maintaining life and watching planted things grow…Wish we lived closer so I could come visit you. 🙂

    • Patty B says:

      I would love to you visit. That is the only thing bad about blogging, we all live so far apart! Maybe it is “maintaining life” that has helped me more than the hard work.

  9. Denise Hisey says:

    Tom would indeed be proud, Patty!
    Good work, soon you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

    • Patty B says:

      Thank you Denise, it was something we were to do so it was a bit difficult. But I am glad I did it – the physical labor was just what I needed.

  10. imconfident says:

    Doing a great job! I love looking at gardens, but I hate working in them. Those hostas should be fine. They take a while to get going but once they take hold they are very hardy. They always look so full and nice in the garden even without the flowers.

    • Patty B says:

      Thanks, and I must admit I am like you I love gardens but working on them was something I thought I would never do so far I am actually enjoying it. Now by the end of summer after all the weeding I may be singing a different tune! lol

  11. Doretta says:

    Patty! You did a wonderful job! It already looks wonderful. Tom WOULD be Proud of you and Michelle and Tommy, too! Love you all!

    • Patty B says:

      Thanks – I am glad I am done. I only have a small section on the other side of the house but that is for next year! You have to come over and see it.

  12. Patty – I feel closer to God in my gardens than anywhere else on earth. There’s something about digging in the dirt, removing what doesn’t belong there and planting for the future that brings my life into focus and makes everything worthwhile.

  13. LubbyGirl says:

    Love that hydrangea! I’ve never tried planting them or hostas, but I have a feeling they’re going to do great. And that reminds me (odd things take root in my brain at odd moments…japanese chickens), I just realized I still haven’t answered that email!!! This will be the weekend it gets done.

    • Patty B says:

      Japanese Chickens??!! lol You are funny!! Did I miss something? Don’t feel bad, I was all caught up on my emails and got busy this weekend around the house and guess what…yep I am behind again – I do not know how single people get everything done…and to think I took care of my home, volunteered nearly 40 hrs a wk on post, took care of two children while Tom was on temporary duty or deployed. How did I ever manage??!!

  14. utesmile says:

    wow you have been busy and I love those Hydrangeas. Well done Mrs. Fix it, I like that! Way to go, but have a rest for a while again now! 🙂

  15. Sheryl says:

    What a fun project! I love your deck. It looks like the perfect spot to relax after a long day’s work.

    • Patty B says:

      It is but the only bad thing about the deck is it gets the afternoon sun, so I usually sit on the front porch then and after the sun goes down enjoy the quiet evenings on the deck.

  16. gpcox says:

    You most certainly HAVE been busy! Those bulbs should do just fine. I am not a pro in any sense of the word, but it seems bulbs grow the easiest and multiply like crazy. Your home will look terrific! We’ll expect pictures!

  17. Ferns love tons of shade, but hostas will grow in sun or shade. I love hostas but so do voles. We live in an area here voles eat just about every bulb except daffodils and tiger lilies. I don’t know what zone you live in, but you probably don’t have a vole problem. Hostas are easy to grow. I love all the plants you’ve named. Keep the photos coming. I look forward to watching your garden grow. Gardening is good for the soul. Love & blessings to you.

    • Patty B says:

      I knew that about ferns, they are on the side of the house that get only the morning sun and sit in the shade the rest of the day. I am told that hostas are sturdy so we will see if I am the first to destroy them!! I hope they pop up soon, I think I will feel better once I see them above ground. Our doxies took care of our mole problem – which me being a city gal would have much preferred to hire someone to come and take care of them…so I am hoping the voles stay away before my doxies get wind of them! LOL we have stray cats in the neighborhood that have taken care of any field mice / voles problems so fingers crossed they hang around for a while! And I am thankful I found that gardening is indeed good for the soul, being a part of the earth brings us closer to our Creator that is for sure.

  18. Planting Potatoes says:

    looks like you’ve been busy…..what elevation do you live at? We try hard to plant around our property…but things either get frozen or eaten by the deer. The maples we planted are coming along well. It is such a blessing to work with God’s earth isn’t it?

    • Patty B says:

      Not sure of the elevation, we are in a valley surrounded by the Appalachian mountains. More like the “foot hills” of the Appalachian. If you ever heard of people hiking the Appalachian trail we are are part of the route. Usually I have a brown thumb, so I am hoping that everything thrives. So far so good!

  19. Patty, I like your choice of plants. The color of your house is the perfect backdrop for the shrubs and flowers.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    • Patty B says:

      Thank you for that lovely comment. I sure did have fun shopping around for the plants. So much so I am going to make a plot a small garden out back next year. Me???!! The city indoor gal!! lol

  20. You certainly have been busy. Wonderful result though! Well, it is about time for me to go help my daughter with the cleaning of ‘Old Houwe’… We will be so pleased when it is finally finished. All the same I am very grateful to God for the strength to do it, and that the aneurysm continues to shrink.
    God bless,

  21. You certainly have been busy. Wonderful result though! Well, it is about time for me to go help my daughter with the cleaning of ‘Old House’… We will be so pleased when it is finally finished. All the same I am very grateful to God for the strength to do it, and that the aneurysm continues to shrink.
    God bless,

    • Patty B says:

      Praise God indeed! We may complain about being busy, but it is a good feeling knowing we are well enough to be busy and as my dad would say, it is a good busy – continued blessings to you.

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