I’d Like Teach The World To Sing

hands-on-world1Remember the song from the old Coke commercials in the 1970’s?  I have always enjoyed the song, “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” that is was based on and as I thought what to write about Bloggers for Peace for this month that song kept popping up in my head.

What if we would teach the world to sing?  Instead of shouting angry words we would share songs that touch our hearts.  And instead of fighting we would dance together.  How about replacing living in fear of strangers, to living in perfect harmony with our neighbors?

So what can we do? We can put away our hatred, our anger and our prejudices and instead reach out and teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. What is your song to teach? Is it love, compassion or respect?  Whatever your “song” is, show it to others and watch the world begin to sing together.  Remember it starts with one person, it can also start with one song!





40 thoughts on “I’d Like Teach The World To Sing

  1. I had to come back and tell you that I’ve been singing that song off and on since I read this post. It actually brings back great memories. I think I sang it in school. It’s a feel good kinda song that reminds me of a people on one accord with the same mind and goal. I think of smiling faces, hugs and simply life filled with goodness. Thanks for sharing Patty B ;=_

    Be A Blessing!



    1. You always have some interesting stories and by reading them I feel closer to Tom. I would often read to him your stories. We both shared a love for history. Thank you for always stopping by.


  2. Hello, Patty – I have the song going around and around in my head now. I also love the song and hadn’t thought about it in ages. You are so right about the value of singing and holding hands. Remember when we were little and we’d all sing songs and swish our hands back and forth. I’m still good friends with my best friend from first grade and she and I love trying to remember things we used to do as young girls and singing is one we always come up with.
    Recently I met Barbara Farrelly of http://thedeparturelounge.co and she wrote about the value of singing to exercise her lungs. My Tom has a beautiful tenor voice and he used to sing all the time before he became so ill. I decided to take Barbara’s suggestion and incorporate singing into our daily schedule. Just before he became so terribly ill this time, we’d even gone back to dancing some (it didn’t matter where). We were in our home so we could sing and dance whenever we felt like it. If you have a chance, do pay Barbara a visit. I’ve learned so much from reading her blog and she’s an exquisite writer.
    I haven’t meant to be away so long but you know how it is. I’m blessed some days to grab a shower. The good news today is that we have a new internist seeing Tom the first week of June. I had to go through all the paperwork of releasing one internist before hiring another. It’s not like I haven’t been through the drill before but it’s a lot of stress.
    Give yourself a hug for me, okay. I think of you often and send up a prayer.


    1. God bless you and Tom. I pray everything works out with the new internist. Music does indeed restores our souls. I will check out your friends blog, {{hugs}}


  3. Love your outlook. But not to be a pessimist, just a rational person, that’s easier said than done. Well there’s us who do hope that we can separate these things. Keep on inspiring, Patty B. 😉


    1. Realistically I know it is easier said than done, but always an optimist I know there are more good than bad people in the world, we just need to draw them out. 😉


  4. Indeed, Patty… Wouldn’t it be nice if that was so? And as you ask, I feel that perhaps respect would be at the top of my list. Showing respect for your fellow human being may be lacking today – especially with our elected leaderships.


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