The Bond by Paula McCoy Williams

The Bond
The Bond by Paula McCoy Williams  also available on kindle

The Bond by Paula McCoy Williams ~
Although based a true story of courage through cancer, it is a fictional story about a young lady named Adele. This story can be about you, your mother or friend. Many of us either know someone who has had cancer or we have ourselves are survivors of cancer. Each one of us has a story to tell. Each story will make us cry and laugh. Each story will bring back our own memories of what we or our loved ones had or is going through. Each story will also bring us hope.

“The Bond”  is a novella about a young woman Adele who had everything going for her when she hears those words, “you have cancer”. The story is about her journey through hearing those dreadful words and about her struggles after she is diagnosed to eventually the end of her journey when she finds hope.

Whether you or someone you love is going through cancer or you are in a difficult situation, I hope by reading “The Bond” you will find the strength you need to get through the difficult days and find the hope to build a new life as a survivor.

I met Paula through Chemo Angels (click on the link for more information on this wonderful organization that serves cancer patients around the world) and we have become fast friends. I asked her to write a little something about the book and about what gave her the inspiration to write it.

“The Bond is a story about a substitute teacher, Adele that enjoys a strong bond with her students and her life with her husband and her dreams. It is about her struggles through a lot of illness before she is finally diagnosed with breast cancer.

I drew my inspiration for the character Adele from my own experience while I was working as a substitute teacher and the strong bond I developed with the students with learning disabilities. It was my experience I put into Adele who could understand her students, like I did mine.

The character is based loosely on my husband and my own experience with breast cancer. I did have a bit of trouble being diagnosed with breast cancer after going through a great deal before finally getting diagnosed. I also went through a rough time with treatment.

The idea about helping others with a gift box of things that they need while they are going through cancer is something that I have been thinking about for a long time. It is something that I long to do as I long to find a way to help others going through cancer and the little things along the way mean so much. I don’t have a way to take on that kind of project yet but it is on my list of something that I want to be able to do.

Writing verses for cards is another thing that I long to do. I love to write and have loved the written word since I was a kid. I dream of being able to craft something that will bring sunshine to someone’s day whether you are going through cancer or just going through a difficult time.

It is my hope that the readers will be able to understand how important it is for kids to bond with their teachers and also how important it is to keep seeking medical attention if you feel that something is not right with your body. Time is of the essence and it could mean that you will get diagnosed at an earlier stage if you listen to your body.

One final thought, cancer does change a person but that doesn’t mean that just because someone is going through cancer, they don’t need their friends. Adele found out just what true friendship is when she needed her friends close to her during this time. Both Adele and her husband found that their good support system would be essential for Adele to become a cancer survivor.” By Paula McCoy Williams



25 thoughts on “The Bond by Paula McCoy Williams

  1. Hi Patty,
    I helped my sister through breast cancer six years ago. Thank goodness she is a survivor. Just today I put together and addressed a CARE package bound to Australia for a dear friend whose ovarian cancer has come back for the second time. She is so courageous, and so was my sister. I think this book sounds like a very good read about something we deal with in our lives sooner or later, whether we are the patient or the caregiver.


  2. Patty I want to read this book ~ thank you for highlighting Paula. I’d like to connect with her and give her the opportunity to write greeting cards. Can you help me? Sending huge hugs to you and to all the CHEMO ANGELS xox


      1. Hi Patty, I would love to have the contact info for the person that wanted to contact me and give me an opportunity to write cards. Thanks and thanks so much for the wonderful review on my book.


  3. Terrific review, Patty. I have 2 nieces going through chemo at the present time due to breast cancer. No one in our family (older than the two girls) have ever had breast cancer. They are the daughters of 2 different brothers. Everyone else from my Dad’s side of the family had melanoma. All 11 brothers and sisters of his died of melanoma that spread to other organs (including Dad). I know you battled breast cancer and I’m so thankful you had Tom to help you through that time in your life.
    Anyway, thanks for the terrific review and I do believe I need to purchase 3 books (1 for me and 2 for my nieces).


  4. Hi Patty, hope this comment find you doing well! How have you been and are you still on a “blog break?” You can let me know when you have the time…



    1. Thank you Steve for asking, I am getting lots done and ready to let go of many things that have robbed me of my time with God. I had fallen into the trap of being “busy” for God that I had forgotten to “be still” for God. God has equipped me and is preparing me to know what to let go and is through His help I am ready to step down of many busy activities (although good activities), this time has allowed me to get things organized along with finalizing reports for committees before handing things over. He has also revealed to me how to serve Him through work, writing and yes even my hobby. 2016 will be a year of many good changes – God is there already preparing me! Praise His Name!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well it sounds like a major change is taking place in your life! Good for you!! I believe God wants to use you in more of His plans which requires that you open up your schedule for Him!

        I wish you well in everything you are doing…



      2. Thank you and as it turns out I have been busy with medical tests, God knew I would need time to get through this hurdle. Should have answers Monday – so far no bad news but no good news either. I will be writing about it soon. God has blessed me through this time so all is good. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. And I will wish you the very best during what must seem to be some of the worst of times!

        May the Lord bless you with good health in all of this! Try to enjoy your weekend and I’ll be looking for new posts from you later on as I can…


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