The Blue Rose

Blue Rose

The Blue Rose ~
Once a flourishing bush
Summer fragrant blooms
Give way to winter thorns
Trees grow and hide the sun
Year after year only a single rose blooms
Until the year the sun darkens the perfumed bush
No more summer fragrant pedals
Just one stem and thorns came forth
Until the day a soul is gone
The one who loved the blooming rose
Wanted to leave his love behind
When all hope was lost for the rose to bloom
The rose blossomed once again
Three bluish blooms graced the home where love resided
In the pedals of a Blue Rose love bloomed eternal

 In honor of Tom who loved the blooming blue rose
Patty Beggs – April 29,2014

About Patty B

My life centers around my faith in God and my family.
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26 Responses to The Blue Rose

  1. Sheryl says:

    Lovely- -The blue rose metaphor works perfectly to tell the story.


  2. I could feel the love within the poem… it was beautiful Patty Diane


  3. Your words are even more beautiful than the blue rose. Of which I have never seen!!!!


    • Patty B says:

      Thank you – some blue roses are a deep blue, this was not a picture of ours. I wish I was in my right mind to take a picture of it – ours was more like a light blue with a purple tint to it. I found this picture and thought it went perfectly with the post.


  4. Oh Patty, that so beautiful and a wonderful tribute to Tom!
    Diana xo


  5. joecruzmn says:

    Patty ou did a great job with combining the rose with the feelings of sorrow. Truly a moving poem


  6. Christine and Ken says:

    Dear Patty,

    I am deeply touched by your prose and photo. God has richly blessed you in marking this 1st year passage. And you are blessing others.

    In His Love, Christine


  7. utesmile says:

    This is beautiful, a wonderful poem for Tom!


  8. Dilip says:

    Beautiful and touching! Thanks Patty.


  9. If the blue rose was human, I wonder how it would feel 🙂


  10. Amy Pinkrose says:

    Patty, this is a deeply moving poem, and the blue rose utterly captivating. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with the world. It is truly lovely to see. Love, Amy


  11. Patty, this is beautiful.


  12. Mustang.Koji says:

    I feel these are some of the most lovely words you’ve written, Patty… Your love and devotion to Tom shines through… I would think he is smiling…


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