The Seasons

Seasons 4

Beauty in white

Snow falls silently

Winter peace

Seasons 1

Spring green

Clear skies

Awakens the earth from slumber

Seasons 3_edited-1

Kites in flight

Warm ocean breeze

Summers delight

Seasons 2

Autumn Skies

Blue yet gray

Casting winter shadows


42 thoughts on “The Seasons

    1. To be honest I do not know. I have had no formal training in writing as many may know by my “lack” of style. I look at pictures and find words to describe what I see. Thank you for the nice compliment.


      1. The only ‘training’ I ever was exposed to was in English Lit in high school, and only part of one semester as I recall. As the old saying goes, “I don’t know much about art (in this case, poetry), but I know what I like.”


  1. looking out the window from our house that i surrounded by waist deep snow….does my heart good to see your photos and dream of spring, thanks for sharing!


  2. Good Morning my friend, may the Lord’s peace and blessings be with you and your family for a great day of joy, praise and celebration on this the Lord’s day. Just stop by to share my cup of blessing with you.


      1. I’m doing okay. Thanks for asking. It’s uncanny, but I actually was thinking of you just now–and the picture of the mountains in the header for your blog. I’m working on tomorrow’s post and the diary entry is about Grandma going to Williamsport She would have had to take the train through the mountains as she went to Williamsport.


      2. Glad you are doing well. Unlike grandma my life has been topsy turvy these past few weeks – but in a good way. Well some in a good way…the past two weeks I have been recuperating from shingles!! It is hard to imagine grandma not going often to Williamsport and being that old when she finally went, and then for surgery, it only takes me about 20 minutes or so to get to Watsontown and I go quite often. I always think of grandma when I pass the railroad tracks that lead into Watsontown.


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