Writing Exercise – “Titles”

Last week my writing exercise was to develop an idea from a story title. It was a bit more difficult than I thought to come up with a story idea based on 4 words.  Not only did it get the creative juices flowing for this exercise but also for the writing projects I am having difficulty getting off the ground.  This was a fun challenge that was also beneficial in helping me get rid of my writers block.

Let me know what you think ~ I value your comments and suggestions.

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{artist unknown}
“The Heiresses of Hope”
Meet Anna, Marianna, Joanna, and Deanna Bradbury. When their parents were tragically killed in a boating accident in the summer of 1894 they became the richest and quirkiest citizens of Hope, Maine.  Throwing off their restraints and laying aside the conventional ways of Victorian society they set the Maine Coast on its heels.
Anna ~ who is always the one to do the right thing, finds romance in the most unlikely places.
Joanna ~ the writer with her head in the clouds writes stories on the eccentricities of the people from Hope, Maine
Marianna ~ who threw away her corsets and skirts and now wears trousers, rides around town on her bicycle making house calls as a midwife to bring in the next generation.
Deanna ~ one of the early suffragette’s speaks out for the rights for women and becoming the voice of those less fortunate.
Where will life take them? What joys and heartaches are in store for these 4 spirited young women? Join them as they find adventure, intrigue and romance in the coastal village of Hope, Maine.

34 thoughts on “Writing Exercise – “Titles”

    1. stay tuned….you are all so kind with your compliments I may need all of you to help me!! Amazing how this little exercise created something bigger. I too have come to like these ladies with just these short descriptions.


    1. YIKES!! This writing exercise sure did do what it was supposed to – get my creative juices flowing. I think I will but first things first…finishing the book I started last November. I feel like Jo in Little Women, when she says she has 10 novels in her head right now… .. 🙂


    1. Actually when I did this exercise that was not my intent, but as I wrote I sort of got attached to them. I think I am in deep trouble!! LOL 😀 So who knows this might be the start of something bigger than I thought. Scary yet exciting!


      1. Profile sheets? No, I am just jotting them down. I would be interesting in seeing them. Anything that will help keep these creative juices flowing will be greatly appreciated. You are spoiling me Sheri!! lol


      2. Thanks – I am learning so much through everyone. I had hope to sit down and do some writing but this weekend has gotten away. I have been on the go since Sat morning.


  1. Wow! Terrific! One of the first rules of creative writing is to develop distinctive characters one cares about! Yours are wonderful and I can visualize this as a movie already. And I am so grateful you didn’t name them with each beginning with the same letter or similar sounding names which some novels do, until it hurts your head trying to remember each of them!. You truly have a gift Patty, blessings,


    1. thanks, this started as an exercise but now I am saving the information to see if I can write something that just came to me. Now I have the book I am trying to get started on and now two in a my new file – books to write!


  2. Yes, yes! That’s a great result from your exercise. You could spend the next months working on an outline and then write it out during NaNoWrimo. Or just go for it now. Marianna is already my favorite.


    1. Thank you for your comment, I am learning so much from you and value your input. For me it is Joanna, Jo from Little Women was my inspiration for her. Yes, I am getting drawn into their lives already. 😉 I am working on an introduction of the book I am writing now and hope it also gets good reviews! I think this is what I have been missing, a good introduction and hope it inspires me like this one has already done for 4 ladies that I just met.


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