Be Careful What You Ask For

This was part of a poster I made for Tom when he was still working at his stressful job. He was always banging his head on his desk in frustration!{picture is over 10 yrs old so I am not sure who is the original artist}

Thank you Bill from Unshakable Hope for your suggestion regarding my problem with email notifications.  When you told me ~ ” If you have an old email notification from one of the blogs you follow, scroll to the bottom and click manage subscriptions. When that page opens, click settings in the upper right of the page. If the Block Emails option box is checked, uncheck it and you will start receiving blog updates again.” I did what he said and lo and behold my “block emails” was indeed checked, so I unchecked it and I am happy to report I now have my emails coming returning to my inbox.  The down side of that is I now have two days of blogs to read through!  Lets just say I am glad it is too cold to do much of anything so I can enjoy my hot cup of tea while visiting my friends.


SnowIt just reminds me to be careful what we ask for.  Remember in summer when we complained about the heat and humidity?  Anything over 75 for me is too hot and I hibernate in front of my a/c.  So from mid June till the end of September you can hear me complaining and counting down the days for winter.  Well, winter is here and I got what I asked for –  colder temperatures.

Maybe this summer I will be more specific when I ask God for colder temperatures and ask Him not to go below 50 degrees!

When all is said and done though, I am excited to be connected with you all again.


40 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Ask For

  1. Good information to know! I refuse to complain in the summer – I love heat – sometimes it’s too hot even for me, but I don’t complain…I find shade, plug in the fan, jump into water…whatever because I love summer! 🙂


    1. You sound like my sister…me? well I rather complain in front of my a/c. lol 🙂 Seriously I hibernate when it is cold like now and in the heat of the summer. I can find plenty to do to keep me out of trouble.


    1. And now we have very little snow from the rain that came before the freezing arctic blast – it is hard to believe it is already gone, but that is ok, I am not complaining. Now we wait for the Robins to come back bringing spring with them.


  2. It was -22 degrees when I got up for work this morning. Yesterday it was -29 degrees. It’s sad when single digits above zero seem warm. The weekend forecast is for 20’s & 30’s…above zero! My whole family can’t wait. Stay warm and enjoy catching up on your reading!


    1. wow that is cold…the coldest here was -19 we too are getting warm temps in the 20’s…who would have thought we would be so glad to have temps in the 20’s!!


  3. Hi Patty, glad you and Bill got that figured out. I’ve had a couple of email subscribers tell me they no longer get notifications…I wonder if it’s something similar.
    As for being careful what I wish for…mmm hmmm. I can relate to this!! 🙂 (Though I am cautiously wishing for snow!!)


    1. Gee if I knew you wanted snow I would have sent some over to you…next time we get snow I will close my eyes and pray hard for God to direct the snow to you!! LOL


    1. I think at this point we all are. I feel bad for the people in the south who really are not used to this weather. Spring always come maybe not as quick as we would like but it still comes!


  4. I hear you on this one. Many days in the heat of summer I wished for winter. This week I missed three days of work because of the snow. My daughter is coming home from California today and I am wondering how this bitter cold is going to make her feel. I know our hearts will be filled with warmth because I haven’t seen her in almost a year. Blessings


  5. Welcome back, Patty!
    Last summer in Colorado, with the fire and then the floods, I learned that too hot or too cold days were okay as long as they didn’t complain flames or water damage.
    But when I visit my mother in Kansas, I have to admit that hot summer days when the temp is over a hundred and the humidity rate if off the charts, too, I just settle in where there is air conditioning.


  6. Good to know! I wonder – I use my reader but sometimes that is just hard to keep up with! I like the emails because I can reply and comment when I can’t get onto the websites as easily (work blocks a lot)


  7. “Maybe this summer I will be more specific when I ask God for colder temperatures and ask Him not to go below 50 degrees!”

    I don’t know whether or not you said that in jest, but I find too many religions people think like that, though, and that’s where I have a problem. As my wise old grandmother (a devout Catholic) often said, “There is always someone in the world worse off than you.”

    Why not ask your God to heal the sick, feed the hungry, house the homeless, and bring peace to the world? If there is a God, and all those billions of people were to ask for those four things, would S/he listen?


    1. answer to blog question

      Yes Russell it was in jest, that is my Irish humor. To get though some days I make light of the situations. I cannot tolerate the humidity of a PA summer so joking of cooler weather does make it easier to bare. That said, yes I do pray for peace, the homeless and the hungry, as well as friends needs. I do not have a lot of money but help when I can, both financially and in ministry. But to have success in these ventures we all need to participate. I am always saying that if everyone just gives what they can we can end hunger and poverty and bring peace to this beautiful world. We all must work together to get rid of the evil that lurks in the hearts of man/woman. Greed, hatred, prejudice, and anger are not from God, they are man made. God is here all we need to do is to reach out to Him. If people keep turning away and fill their hearts with evil, we will never experience peace and the innocent will always be in poverty. Your grandmother was indeed right, there is always someone who has it worse than us and someone who will have it better. When the temperatures get so hot and unbearable or so cold I feel it in my bones I thank God for the seasons He created and that I live in this age where I can control the temperature with air conditioning and heat. This is only my opinion and I am happy to share my belief’s with anyone who asks. I just wanted to let you know that I love seeing Zoey the cook cat at the end of your blog. She is one of many bright spots in my day. Thank you for your honest comment – praying to God for healing, the homeless and hungry and especially peace is what we are called to do.


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