Childhood Christmas Memories

Christmas Fort Bragg
I am the cute on in the middle! We are all wearing our new Christmas pj’s.

 This Christmas was full of memories. The memory of my first Christmas with Tom.  The Christmas’s when the children were small.  I can still see my son at age 6 months as he sat under the tree.  His eyes were as big as saucers and he giggled as the lights blinked. Our daughter had her first Christmas with palm trees while we were stationed in Florida.  The doll Tom purchased for her was bigger than she was!

But my first memory of Christmas was when I was 5 yrs old. Dad was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC   the first place I also remember living.  It is here I got my first bike although I think it was for my birthday and not Christmas.  Christmas was reserved for baby dolls for my sister and me, and a Texaco or Hess truck for my brother.  Along with games,puzzles, coloring books and crayons, doll houses and stuffed animals.  Dad loved to get us the musical ones from Radio Shack as we got older.  Although I loved my dolls I always remember playing with my brothers Lincoln Logs and playing with his GI Joe, my Barbie did not have a Ken doll, instead I took my brothers GI Joe (back when they were made the same size as Barbie) and married him off to my Barbie.  My Barbie was an Army wife! 

As we got older the gifts changed, coloring books for paint sets and dolls for perfume, make up and girly things.  But one thing never changed our Christmas pj’s.  That was the gift we could always count on.  The one thing we always received until well in adulthood were pajamas.  Picture me newly married and for our first Christmas we went to my mother’s house and presented our gifts and lo and behold I had my Christmas pj’s. After mom passed away I think getting my Christmas pj’s was one of the things  I missed the most from that first Christmas without her.   And as traditions go my children also received pj’s every Christmas until my son got too old cool for them and my daughter  prefers to choose her own.   Now I await grandchildren so I can continue the tradition of buying Christmas pj’s from them.

Now as I am older in years and mature in my faith there is another gift that I can always count on and not just at Christmas.  It is the gift of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Savior.  All those years ago a little baby was born that changed the world.  Today His gift of Salvation is a gift we can always count on.

May you carry the gift of Jesus in your heart all year-long.


29 thoughts on “Childhood Christmas Memories

  1. My sisters and I did the same with our brothers’ G.I. Joes. And we loved Lincoln Logs. Did you also get Tinker Toys? Those were our favorites. Looking forward to seeing God show His goodness through you in 2014.


    1. You must be the only other person that I know that did that with GI Joe. We got Tinker Toys, and I loved playing with my brother Erector sets.
      Thank you – for the first time in almost a year I truly am looking forward to see God not only in my life but in everyone’s life – Thank you for being a blessing to me. 🙂


  2. Love your pj memories. With us it’s the Christmas stocking. You thought that was just for the kids? Think on. Father Christmas doesn’t forget even the 73 year old round here! Though what he finds to put in a stocking for a male of that age is always a puzzle.


  3. Patty – A beautiful remembrance of days gone by and the memories we hold dear in our heart. Those memories, I’m convinced will never leave. It was only with the love of thinking and reading of our Savior’s birth that I was able to put all that I remembered as the magic of Christmases past tucked in a corner of my heart. Maybe a new tradition started this year, I don’t know. What I do know is that I was not strangled by past memories and I was able to allow new thoughts and ideas to enter into my heart. My faith allowed that to happen.


  4. You made me think of Christmas when I was nearly five years old. My father was stationed in Gibraltar and Father Christmas arrived in our kindergarten by helicopter. My parents had to deal with some very tricky questions on the subject from me and my three brothers.


    1. Thank you – we did. It was a good time to reflect on many things. I am sure with your precious one you had a blessed Christmas season. She is getting prettier and prettier!


  5. What a lovely story and tradition, Patty… The simple pleasures of anticipation are lost in today’s time… Something as simple as PJs brought so much warmth into your life. Indeed, some children do not have PJs let alone a bed – or a roof over their heads. You are indeed rich with warmth.


    1. You are so right (some children do not have pjs or a bed) and this bitter cold reminded me just how blessed I am and was in my childhood we just have to keep things in perspective.


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