Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Sunday has always been a day of worship for me, whether I am at church or in the solitude of my home.  It is through music I am able to take that sense of worship from Sunday morning with me for the upcoming week.  It provides me with the strength, peace and inner joy I need to face life challenges.

Sit back where you are and close your eyes and “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” and receive the peace of God in your hearts today as you prepare for your week and enjoy that wonderful feeling that only His Grace can provide.


23 thoughts on “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

  1. Patty…. I was just sitting here thinking about our daughter….when I read this and listened to this beautiful song and reminder to keep my eyes on Jesus…..and wait on Him….. thank you for this…. Diane xo


  2. This is one of my favorite hymns and one I sometimes wake up with running through my brain. I’m reading one the best books right now, The Wonder of Heaven by Ron Rhodes (have you heard of it?) It is so inspirational and comforting to me, you might find it so to you as well. Blessings and know you’ll be much on my mind in prayer during this upcoming season,


  3. Beautiful song! Sunday is my favourite day of the week. When it comes I thank God it is Sunday TGIS! I love listening to the worship music at church, in my home, my car or anywhere anytime as it lifts my spirit and feels me with inner joy.


  4. “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” has always been one of my favorites, Patty. Our grandmother would play the piano, and my cousins and I would sing along. This brought back many wonderful memories. Thank you.


    1. Happy Memories are such a blessing aren’t they? There are so many of them around the blessing of music. I still cry when I hear “Er A Rose Is Blooming” I think that is the title, one of my mom’s favorite. I will have to find it and post it.


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