The Writing Challenge

 As you know this month I signed up for the NaNoWriMo, I knew it would be a challenge to keep it up along with all my other responsibilities I thought if I did not do it now I may never attempt this challenge. The hardest part are the distractions, some days I sit down to write and I feel like a dog who is so focused on his master until he sees a squirrel and his mind changes directions and stays focused on the squirrel until he sees a rabbit and so on.  I sit to write, then I answer emails, then I notice a spot on the wall, then as I go into the kitchen to get a Lysol wipe I notice dust on my furniture and well, you can guess where it goes from there ~ two hours later and I am still on my first paragraph!

How do you keep the distractions from interfering with your writing? I would like your help to free myself of the pitfalls of life’s many distractions.

So although I am far behind the desired goal I am learning many new things:

1. Don’t start writing until I do the research – I am spending more time researching historical fact instead of writing.

2.  I do not need to sit at my lap top waiting to inspired, rather I am finding inspiration in all sorts of interesting places.

3.  Carry a notebook with me everywhere I go to jot down thoughts and ideas until I can sit and write, unless I am in the shower then this is not such a good idea!

4. Not to write in the morning before I go into work, I lose track of time and face it I still need my day job.

5.  It is not important at how many words I write per day, it has been more important for me to take this first step into writing, learn a few things and enjoy the process.

I accepted this challenge not knowing what to expect.  So although I am way short in the amount of words I have written, I have found success in what I am learning.

There were two book ideas I have had for a while so after some prayer and thought, I decided to choose to do a historical fiction book based on my mother’s life during WWII in Germany and I titled it “The German Rose”.

The title comes from her love of Roses and from her first home, Germany.  America of coarse being her second home when she became an American citizen in 1972.

To date this is where I am ~  I have created my characters, wrote out a few outlines of where I would like to see this story go, wrote down some of the stories of my mothers childhood, and I have written over 2,000 words and getting ready to finish the first chapter.

Now to get back to my writing….oh wait, I remembered I have clothes to fold, dishes to finish and meeting minutes to type up, etc. etc. etc…. {sigh}



38 thoughts on “The Writing Challenge

  1. You are so right, there are so many distractions in life. I’m writing for the challenge too and I’m finding it difficult to stay motivated. Keep going! All we can do is our best and that’s something to be proud of.


      1. I’m writing about a 90 year old who is reflecting back on her life and how she overcome her struggles with the help of God. It is based on my own life story and it will have an ending that I hope will be my future.


  2. At least you have your ‘goal’ and that is the biggest hurdle…. and now you have a title, some outlines, stories….. You are on your way my friend…. Those darn distractions can waylay us so often during the day….. they are inevitable but irritating to say the least… I’m glad for you and the progress that you’re making….will wait for further updates…take care Diane


      1. I am feeling better in that I can now sleep lying down…. with my cpap…. I am still quite tired but I feel that it will take some time to build back strength…. and I will be glad when my nose is completely healed inside… but the biggest blessing is being able to lie down to sleep and so I give thanks for that… the rest will come…. thanks for asking….. Diane


  3. I did a NANOWRIMO a couple of years back, don’t be concerned with mistakes – charge forward till the end, sometimes you will need to change more than a single fact because your characters will take you where you did not plan on. Keep writing – the rewriting and editing are for later. You’re doing great!


      1. No, my mother never taught me. My brother and sister like you spoke German before my parents moved back to the states so they had to learn English, but never spoke it again. Mom was adamant that we speak English in the house because it helped her. Although when her friends were over it was music to my ears to hear her speak German, I wish I learned.


  4. I think you’ve already worked out what you need to do. It’s all new and difficult, and if you feel as if you’re failing in allowing yourself to be distracted, remember what a new skill you are practising. Although you have been writing successfully for quite a while, the discipline and skills required for a sustained piece of work are quite a different thing. In addition, you still have work responsibilities, domestic duties and an emotional life that is still I guess far from easy. That you’re acting on this challenge at all is remarkable, and what I see is sustained success. Research accomplished, a workable idea in development, some characters established. Who could ask for more at this stage? Well done, it all sounds terrific to me. Keep going, and don’t be hard on yourself if there are hiccups along the way


  5. Patty,
    Blessings on your efforts! I use a pad and pencil but find my mini-recorder of more help. I can talk into it while walking on the treadmill, waking at night with fresh ideas, in the car while thoughts arrive, etc. Try it; you might like it.



    1. Good idea about using a mini recorder, I am finding writing down the basics using pen and paper helps me create the story line when I sit down to type. Thanks for your suggestion.


    1. Tom is more important that is for sure. I will say extra prayers for him during this time. Taking part in NaNoWriMo has been terrific therapy for me and will help get me through the holidays.


  6. The joke is that this evening, after nearly a week of distractions, I had finally settled to my current novel, even written a couple hundred words. First I was distracted by a bit of research into makes of pianos, then I saw your email ‘Like’ for my blog post, and succumbed to popping over to visit your blog and found myself reading about displacement activities… Back to work.


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