Ice, Rock, Summer, Sacrifice and Queen

To sharpen my writing skills I have found some great apps for the iPad.  One of my favorites is, “iDeas for writing”.  So to get the blood flowing and the brain juices moving, once a week I plan to choose from one of the hints to write a story.  All of you can be my editor and let me know how I am doing.

Sit back and I hope you enjoy…here is my first attempt:

GE DIGITAL CAMERASummer is now officially gone, autumn has peaked with its beautiful colors of browns, oranges, reds and gold, as we prepare ourselves for the ice-cold that will come with winter while we anticipate the new birth of spring.  

With the coming of winter we sacrifice the warmth for the cold, the soft rain showers with the winter ice winterstorms and the flowers for the bare trees. But with winter we also get a different type of beauty.  The sight of a red Cardinal sitting on a snow covered branch, the laughter of children as they make a snowman and wishing that like Frosty the Snowman he would come life someday.

  Do you remember skipping small rocks and pebbles into creeks and ponds? For us city children we would skip small rocks and pebbles when we would find puddles after a summer rain.  How many of us secretly wish we can fall on the ground and create beautiful snow angels, knowing all too well we can’t get up as easily as we once did!

What joy it would be to be queen of the playground again, playing kickball and hitting tennis balls off the back of the school building as if we were Billie Jean King. Those were the days of playing from dawn till dusk, when the street lights came on signaling us it was time to go home, tired after a day of protecting our neighborhood from Indians, robbers and dinosaurs.

Tom was king of our castle and made me his queen over 30 years ago, so today I am queen of my home.  I will always find pleasure as I walk through the door experiencing the kind of warmth brought into a home through love. Today I make a splash not by skipping stones or rocks but through the new adventures that wait for me. I may not able to fall down to make snow angels but walking through fresh fallen snow at dusk brings back those happy days of youth when my nose and cheeks would turn red from the cold and a cup of hot chocolate would wait for me at home.

At the end of the day I am tired with the kind of tired that comes from a full day of working at a place I enjoy, caring for my home and family, the hobbies that I enjoy at the end of a busy day and most especially the kind of tired that brings joy from serving our Lord God in everything I do.  As my dad would say, “I am tired but with a good tired”, meaning he had a good productive day feeling good about what he had accomplished.

As winter approaches reflect on the summers of years past and think back to those wonderful care free days of your youth.  You do not have to sacrifice your “summer” youthfulness for the “winter” season of your life.  Each season holds a beauty of its own.

At the end of the day my prayer for you is to be tired with a feeling good type of tired.


32 thoughts on “Ice, Rock, Summer, Sacrifice and Queen

    1. I am sure it is with all the hard work that goes into caring for those roses. My sister doesn’t sew but she loves to work in her garden, although not so much any more because of health reasons, but I used to tell we are both sewers/sowers… anyway…I don’t think I see a rose without thinking of my mom and you now. 😉 You sure do capture their beauty.


  1. It’s more difficult these days to feel a ‘good tired’…..but I definitely identify with the childhood memories…and with some of the now feelings of contentment… I think you’re right that each season of life has it’s beauty…
    It was nice to read and remember some of those times of angels in the snow, and playing tag till dusk… brought back memories… Diane


  2. Bravo!!!! I love it. And could feel the pleasures of each season as I read your words. I know exactly what your dad meant by a ‘good tired’. I’m impressed with your “exercise”. 🙂 And look forward to more.


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