The Sun

Sun in winter slumber

Fills each day with gentle melancholy,

Soon awakens to Springs call

Bringing new life to freshen weary souls.

Where have you been hiding?

We have been waiting and watching

for your bright glow to cast out

the shadows of winter.

Welcome Back!


42 thoughts on “The Sun

      1. brrr I hate to tell you we hit 78 today, but if it makes you feel better by the weekend we are to get rain and 50 degree weather… spring time in PA – hot one day freezing the next!


      2. sounds good – we were told in Nova Scotia that they have 4 seasons too – warm, cold, colder and coldest or another one was something to do with 2 weeks of summer and then winter being said three different ways. My theory has always been you can always bundle up when you are cold but you can only take off so much when you are hot! πŸ˜‰


    1. I hope you can visit the east coast some time. Although I love PA I think the New England states have the best seasons, even after all my complaining of the snow and cold here!


  1. The words and pictures are lovely. As a native central Pennsylvanian–who no longer lives in the area–they really help me remember the beauty of April in PA.


    1. One reason I adopted PA as my home state, it is my favorite. But then we are blessed here in America aren’t we, each state is beautiful in their own way.


  2. Seeing your pictures, the following lines cam to my mind.

    “What is this life if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare.”

    From Leisure by William Henry Davies

    We need to be mindful of the present to notice the myriad and fascinating nuances of Nature on display around us, come winter, come spring.



  3. The only time I’ve been back east since we moved to California (1961) was back in late February 2003. The worst snow storm in 100 years was coming to an end when we landed for our U.S. History tour. I’ll never forget the beauty of snow on leafless trees, the white blanket on the White House lawn, and what it really means to be cold! I want to get back there to experience autumn. One of these days …


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