The Blogging Awards

During my illness and long recuperation period I have received blogging awards from some writers I truly admire.  I appreciate the love and kindness from people that were once strangers and now becoming friends in the blogging community.  They are the closest things to brighten my day apart from a hug.

I would like to do something different and instead of passing along awards I would like to host guest bloggers, so they can share their words or photos with you and you can see first hand why they are so special to me.  This truly is a community where we all share our stories and encourage each other and that is award enough for me, being a part of this community.

But I can recommend someone who you need to follow, if you do not already.  That person is Jesus Christ.  You can find His story in the Bible which is the inspired word of our Heavenly Father – God.  The book literally starts at the beginning of time and takes you through the lives of our early ancestors as you experience their love of God. Some of the amazing people you will meet will be Abraham and about his faith and his obedience to follow God no matter where God led him and Daniel’s courage and faith as he faces lions and comes out victorious. You will read about Paul’s transformation from someone who persecutes Christians to someone who is persecuted.

You will also get to know some of the most sinful people you would ever meet; there is Jacob, father to one of the first dysfunctional families yet he will become the father of Israel.  There is David highly favored by God, yet events and circumstances will make him turn away from God, but he will find forgiveness and restoration through his obedience and faith as David submits his life to God. These are but a few of interesting characters you will find.

Through the bible you will learn about the love of God and how He restores us to the perfect relationship that was originally intended for us to share with Him.  You will see your own life change as you get to know Jesus and walk with Him alongside His Disciples, cry as He is crucified, and rejoice with the women at the empty tomb at our Lords resurrection. At the end of the Bible – you will know that it is not the ending but actually the beginning as we wait for His return.

If you want a good read filled with action and quirky characters and that is full of inspiration, wisdom and love then check out the Bible at:


versatileblogger111Jubilee Journey for the Versatile Blogger award. Ana writes: “I hope to offer words of encouragement and inspiration to help is others enjoy their jubilee in Christ.” She takes us on the path to enjoying the freedom that is found in Jesus Christ.  My favorite post that she wrote is “Discerning God’s Will” she writes about not giving up, at at time that I was ready to.  She ended her article with, “It’s always darkest before dawn. If we give up too soon we may miss the miracle blessing God desperately wants to give us. Moving too soon, outside his will can only delay or prevent God working in our lives and the lives of others.” That quote has helped me to stay focused on God and to keep moving forward no matter the obstacles.  Ana is such an encourager that she blessed me with a few more awards, “Very Inspiring Blogging Award” and “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers”, she would not have known how encouraging these awards were to me during this time.

Faith Rises also for the Versatile Blogger award.  Faith writes, “Faithrises is a place for readers to be encouraged and motivated, through stories, quotes, and biblical examples.” Her articles do indeed challenge me to rise above the challenges in my life to be all that I can to glorify God. As I was browsing to choose one of my favorite articles I found one I had not read yet, “Sunrise” in which she writes “each sunrise brings me a brand new day.. It puts me a day ahead of where I was yesterday, and all the other yesterdays.” Now when I see a sunrise I will be reminded that tomorrow is gone, today is a fresh start and there is hope for tomorrow in another brand new day.

Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpegDeep and Wonderful Thoughts for my 6th star! She writes, ” One of my personal goals is to help make the world a better place, one person at a time.” and all I can say she is doing it!  This world is a better place because she is in it. She has a series titled, Beauty for Ashes, stories of God’s Redeeming Love”, I think you will find encouragement and hope in these articles. One of the things I found about her is that she is also a group leader for Bible Study Fellowship, it is something else that bonds us together as sisters in Christ.

There is one more yet to claim and time is running out, so it must be left for another day.  I thank you for reading and for thinking of me and I thank God for the gift He gave me with words, for it is God who truly moves my fingers and controls my thoughts.


30 thoughts on “The Blogging Awards

    1. So do I – I first attended the classes about 14 yrs ago and took 3 yrs of classes then had to leave due to caring for my mother in law and then my health issues, so I am so excited to be back. I am in my second year of BSF this time around when they asked me if I would be interested in serving in leadership, I am not a class leader but part of the admin team. It is so fulfilling. I can picture you as teaching leader!! I am sure you are well missed.


      1. Oh, nothing would get done without the admin team! The BSF class in our community meets at my church, so I’m still connected in that way. I wasn’t a teaching leader — I was a discussion group leader for years, then a children’s leader, and on to children’s supervisor for six years. I left to concentrate on the children’s programs in my church. Glad you’re involved!


      2. I have learned so much and have taken what I learn to be more productive at my home church. Both my DH and I take notes during the sermon, our pastor love it. I told him I am so used to taking notes because of BSF I am spoiled now. 😉 It is a wonderful organization.


    1. Thank you Terry, I keep saying if Hollywood wants a blockbuster movie all they need to do is the life of David and they won’t even need to change anything – but they would need to keep God in the movie or they lose the whole meaning and story of God’s redemption.


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