Let The Peace Of God Rule In Your Hearts

forpeace6As you know my mother grew up in Germany as Hitler took power.  Her family like many Germans were not Nazi’s. Like many German people they learned to survive.  She would tell us, her father never hid his dislike for Hitler and expressed many times his distrust for Hitler and that he was a “Hindenburg man” referring to President Paul von Hindenurg.

They were a people of peace.  Her father owned a restaurant, her mother helped out at the restaurant and raised her children.  Soon my mother’s  life along with those she loved and the many other lives all over the world would change forever.  For my mother the safe and secure world her parents provided for her and brothers and sisters would soon be shattered.

These pictures show you what war brought to Germany.  A city that has been around since the medieval times was reduced to rubble by 1945.  Somewhere in that rubble was my mothers home.

Frankfurt Germany 1930 before war destroyed it.
Frankfurt Germany 1930 before war destroyed it.
Frankfurt June 1945 - nothing is left
Frankfurt June 1945 – nothing is left

There are many examples from history to teach us that war is not the answer to settle our differences.  I am sure you have all heard the term, “just wars”.   WWII is considered to be one of those just wars, because as the history books state, if there was any reason for a war there was one for this one.  Do you think my mother and the innocent citizens of Germany, those that prayed for an end to one man’s madness would agree that it was a just war?  Was it “just” that my aunt lost her first husband in battle? Was it “just” that my mother and her family lost three homes? And was it “just” when her fiancee died in her arms?  Was it “just” to all the American, British and other European lives that were lost or altered by the horrors of what they went through?

The bible teaches us that the path to God is through loving our brothers and sisters as ourselves.  Jesus Himself teaches us about love through His life and death.  Had Adam and Eve never sinned against God evil would not have entered this world. And no one knows better on what evil can do than the more than 6 million Jewish people were killed along with the 5 million other innocents; the Christians, those that stood in Hitler’s way and those that were physical or mentally handicapped along with many other minorities.  Hatred killed over 12 million people.

Evil entered this world the day Adam and Eve turned their backs on God, and evil will be around until we all begin to live the way God had created us to.   Colossians 3:15 says it best, “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace.”

Of course hindsight is always better, but what if Hitler loved the Jewish people and allowed them to prosper and grow Germany into a peaceful nation?  What if he worked at finding a cure for those that he deemed unfit because of their handicaps? What if he put aside his hatred of anyone not German aside and found the best in everybody?

Of coarse we will never know.  We are unable to change the past.  But we can learn from the past.  What we do today will bring about change and a peaceful future.

Let us all begin to work together to build a safe and secure world for our children.  When we let Christ in our hearts, we will be begin to see others like God sees them, as His children. If we allow it, love will take root and eventually stamp out the evil that is around us. It is up to us to take “hatred” and change it over to “love”.

This next month how can you let Christ rule your hearts? 

“Turn from evil; do good; seek peace and pursue it” (Psalms 34:14)

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. (Matthew 5:9)


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The pictures were found on the internet.  Original photographers unknown.

32 thoughts on “Let The Peace Of God Rule In Your Hearts

  1. I personally dislike violence of any kind, but if a country is attacked we do have to protect our loved ones in whatever manner we can to bring about peace. It is a different matter when someone attacks people because of hatred or the desire for power as Hitler did – this is wrong and evil never wins anything. Christians need to keep praying for peace and be an example of love even in situations when it is hard.


    1. That was way this was difficult for me write. The problem is, how do we stop evil when all the evil people only know violence. I truly don’t have the answer, but I know Jesus does. It begins by us teaching about His love and peace and pray that people start allowing Him into their hearts. If someone did that for Hitler (and other dictators) history would be different. As we learn from the past, then we can begin to change our future. But you are right, there are times we have to protect ourselves and no option is opened to us. I guess what I tried to say is we should work at stopping the problem before it leads to war, but then again when you are dealing with people who are determined to destroy and kill, sometimes we are left with no other option. And we are back to the problem. As you said Christians need to keep on praying for peace and to be an example and in these days it is difficult.


  2. Very heartfelt! I really enjoyed your perspective. My neighbour in her 70’s is German and still traumatised by her experiences of fleeing the Red Army as it approached Berlin and being a displaced person for years of her childhood. She only speaks of it to me, having held it in all these years. It gives her nightmares after we chat n pray. I’m interested that you feel so strongly and are also an army wife. It seems like it might not be easy to reconcile the two?


    1. This was difficult to write, because I see it through two perspectives. My mother also fled the red army while working in Czech…she walked back to Frankfurt with her group grateful to be greeted by the Americans. They were praying for years for the Americans to save them.


      1. It’s a story that here the West we don’t often hear about. It really needs to be told. But for those who endured it it is almost too painful to remember. Thanks for raising it. Would have loved to haven’t you mum.


  3. Maybe the phrase ‘just war’….should not be used… but I would suppose any word would not change anything really. Wars exist for all sorts of reasons but most of them all boil down to wanting ‘power’ to control and ‘money’….And those who stop at nothing to gain this I would venture to say must be challenged…hence ‘war’.. Diane


  4. I always wonder “what could be” if those innocent people were not killed. How many of them would have changed the world perhaps with progressing medical cures. And of course how many lives would have been enriched if this horrific evil did not happen. I cannot even begin to comprehend this type of evil. I am sorry for your family and what they went through. May God bless you and yours.


  5. That was a very moving piece. I hope that from time to time you may feel able to share more of your family history, particularly of those wartime years. Have you had the chance to visit the places where your mother grew up?


    1. Yes I have and visit my grandparents graves. My mother would tell us what buildings used to be where before the war. One day I hope to travel to Normandy, Belgium (Battle of the Bulge) and Buchenwald to see where my dad was.


  6. As a German, I also find it horrible what our parents had to go through during hte war time and before. I hear lots of stories from my mum, only some of my dad as he did not want to go into the war as a teenager, he was always a peaceful man. I can only say that I am glad not to have klived through this time, not enough food, clothes, in constant fear of being bombed. That is how my mum spend her childhood. So sad!


    1. It breaks my heart in how they suffered – the ones that had no say in war in Germany and today in the middle east. You would think man would have learned after all the wars through the centuries that wars bring nothing but destruction.The ironic thing is if the every day citizens of the world were left to live our lives I think we would all get along.God bless you and your family. Hugs…


      1. That is exactly what I think, why have they not learnt after so many awful wars, death and suffering. If some countries want to fight they should let their leaders do it not innocent people.


  7. You are right, Patty, there is nothing just in war. Justice assumes that someone is wrong, but how were all those innocent people wrong? I love the Colossians 3:15 quotation. We are all part of the same body of God. Maybe we should start acting like it. {{{Hugs]}} kozo


  8. Shalom Patty, Regards from Europe.

    As you say there do not exist a just war.

    In first instance Christians should give the good example. The non-trinitarian Christians are mostly not such a problem because they are all pacifists, but by the trinitarian Christians there are many fundamentalist groups, of which there are some who go very heavy against people who allow abortions, but then do not mind killing doctors who work in such clinics or demanding the right that every body can wear guns or even war weapons. by the Trinitarian Christians there are also many who oppose very much those who think differently than them, and are prepared to do the most unchristian-like movements against the Christians who take Jesus for what is written in the Holy Scriptures, as son of God and not god the son (a big difference)

    You say you are willing also to advocate the need of peace and calling for taking on the right attitude, therefore I shall also place you under the Bloggers for peace.


    1. It saddens me to think that some people would willfully kill in order to stop abortions, that never made sense to me. I struggle with many issues but this I do know, by following the Word of God my knowledge will deepen and through prayer and this project God will answer my questions. Thank you for your comments and for placing me under the Blogger for Peace. I pray I am worthy to serve God through Peace.


  9. Hope is so important. As a child I didn’t know and trusted the world. Later I learned about the dark side of some humans in this world. The news, school history classes show us horrors we hope to never see, hear.

    Sometimes I think that people like Hitler only can become “popular” because so many are either evil or turning a blind eye on the results of acts of evil in their own interest. He took his own life in the end. Not because he did not see another way out, he did not believe in life to begin with, even his own. That is a human without a soul. Without a soul a human is a robot controlled by sin. We all sin, but our soul keeps us from becoming evil. Our challenge is to keep our eyes and heart open so we don’t turn away from acts of evil in our own interest.
    People have to protect themselves from those who can and will do harm. After all we still have a long road ahead.
    But what I try to say is that we should help others in need first before they take a wrong turn on the road of life.

    Jesus didn’t turn away from the evil that wanted to destroy Him. He walked with them in pain. He is still walking and clearing the way for those souls that see and hear Him.
    Jesus never killed to stop sin. He shows us to take up the cross when others sin, not to commit sin ourself on top of that. Ethical issues are always difficult. Helping others to stay away from dark side is all we can do. I can’t come between another soul and God.

    Walking in the footsteps of Jesus is what we can do today as an act of Love for Him. Hoping to walk next to Him is Hope. Faith is a good start!


    1. Like the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right” We all need to start walking in the footsteps of Jesus to honor Him and to live the way God had intended for us.


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