A Difficult Winter

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Yesterday I literally took to my bed and slept all day only waking to deal with the effects of the Norovirus stomach virus.  In between my deep slumber as I laid there I did ask that question of “why me Lord”?  Why have I been so sick?  What is causing these virus’s to find me? I was never awake long enough to answer those questions.

But this morning as I was moving about and working on getting my strength back, I kept hearing over and over again, “it is not the why but what are you learning through all of this?”

For one, I am learning not giving in to self-pity.  Yes, it has been a long winter of illness, no sooner do I recuperate from one illness another pops up.  I am exhausted and worn down. But even with how terrible I feel, I know there are others who experience a lot worse through their own illness’.  I am exchanging my self-pity to praying for those who are in chronic pain, who are weakened by life threatening illnesses and for those who have an unnamed illness, like my husband.

Another lesson I learned is to be thankful for my good health and not to dwell on the illness’ that plagued me for the past few months.  I am 12 yrs cancer free, my diabetes is under control and what I thought was a heart attack was a wake up call for better heart health.

I can take this past winter with all the illness and continue to feel sorry for myself, or I can take the illness’ that laid me low and tried to keep me down or I can use this time in my life to  pick myself up.  I choose to pick myself up by reaching for the hand of Jesus.

As I sit here still worn down from this latest storm in my life, I am being carried over the crashing waves of nausea and aches and pains.  I can feel a new type of strength building up deep within me.  It is the strength that only comes from Jesus.  The type of strength that carries us through our illness’ and as we face difficult situations.

Trials and illness’ will come for we live in a fallen world.  Our patience will be tried as strive to overcome all the obstacles that life may throw our away.  We all have a choice.  We have a choice to give in to them and we have a choice to rise above them.  To give in is to turn away from God.  To rise above our difficulties is to turn toward God and walk with His Son, Jesus.

Which do you choose?


59 thoughts on “A Difficult Winter

  1. When we are sick, it is natural to feel sorry for ourselves and forget that there are many people in the world who are in worse shape than we are. Good that you have overcome some serious health issues and have reached out to God for help. He is the only one who can rescue us from ourselves. I try to remember this when I’m not feeling well. Take care!


  2. Yes, Patty. A rough winter here too. Continues to roll over me like one wave after another. And I am using the months of enduring to support those who are in greater need. Standing in the gap, I may be trembling but stand I shall. Praise be to God. Shalom, dear friend. 🙂


  3. Patty, As I read this, I kept thinking of the scripture in II Corinthians 4…’we are hard pressed on every side…perplexed but not in despair’. And there is nothing that can compare to knowing Jesus and truly realizing our strength comes from Him, and Him alone. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. ~ Marsha


  4. Thanks for these encouraging thoughts! I needed it. While I don’t think I’ve been as sick as you, I’ve had 3 colds (two severe) this season. And usually I only rarely get a cold – like once every couple years.


    1. Praise God it will!! Sometimes I need a winter season both spiritually and physically to appreciate His goodness. I am thankful this time it has only been a physical one.


  5. It does wear you down when physically you just get so weak….you can’t or don’t think straight…but you’re right we either concentrate on how awful we feel or somehow look beyond and sometimes it takes a long time to realize this…sorry to hear that your husband has an unnamed as yet concern…

    I went literally for years back and forth to my doctor before finally being diagnosed with M.S. As far as my doctor felt, after doing minimal tests…it was all in my head…until a visit to ER and a specialist finally put the feeling that I was imagining things….to rest and gave my symptoms a name!…. Diane


    1. I am sorry you had to endure this process of a nameless illness. We at least finally have a doctor who is willing to listen and do tests but it is a blessing DH has healthy reports, we just wish they can figure out why is so exhausted other than it is similar to Chronic fatigue but not…I know once you get a diagnoses it does give you a sense of knowing what to do next. Through my cancer experience I try to take my illness’s as a time to reflect, not always but I do try.


      1. That was my worst symptom…fatigue as well as heat prostration when I tried to do things outside in summer …I’m not suggesting you husband is the same but fatigue seems to be a common ailment in so many disorders…My doctor thought perhaps Chronic fatigue also…At least he has a doctor who will do tests and get to the bottom of it…Diane


    1. So true, as I am starting to feel better I am appreciative of my caring family. There are always lessons to be learned and I am thankful to God that shows us those lessons in every part of our lives.


    1. 🙂 You are spoiling me do you know that?!! LOL Thank you so much. I may need to devote a whole week to your nominations!! I can’t think of a better thing to write about than your kindness can you? I will be accepting soon! God bless you!


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