A Wonderful Day

We all live in different parts of the world.  Some of us may be knee-deep in snow while others are relaxing on a beach enjoying the sunshine.  And some like me, just have cold deary days and wondering if we will ever the see the sun again!

This  morning I had my quiet time while it was still dark and 3o minutes later when the sun should have greeted me it was a dull gray mist that started off my day. As I embraced this new day I noticed Gods marvelous work all around me.  I saw Gods creativity in the shadows from the bare trees casting a special touch to the gray landscape and I heard the heavenly music of winter birds, their songs echoing in the cold morning chill ~ My oh my what a wonderful start to my day!

Here is only a sample of the some of the wonderful things that made up my day ~ the flower buds on my White Dogwood tree and the tiny buds of my lilac bushes reminding me that spring will soon arrive.  The sun peeking out mid morning filling my office with its warmth. Coming home to enjoy a nice warm cup of tea watching the sun set behind the clouds into a dreary but serene evening. And as I left this evening for bible study the quietness of the day as it was ending was filling me with a sense of a peacefulness that can only come from Gods presence.

This weeks song is to remind you that no matter where you live, no matter what the weather is and regardless of what the day holds, that with each new day there will always be plenty of sunshine heading your way full of wonderful feelings for a wonderful day!  It is the sunshine deep within you that only comes from the love that God has especially for you.


About Patty B

My life centers around my faith in God and my family. www.thoughtsfromanamericanwoman.wordpress.com
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23 Responses to A Wonderful Day

  1. A treasure, Patty! Thank you! 🙂


  2. terry1954 says:

    it all sounds so peaceful. we won’t see any buds of any kind til at least the end of April


  3. Espirational says:

    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah! That brngs back memories. I do like the jazzed up version.


  4. We’ve had buds twice here and then a deep freeze. We have buds again, so we’ll see what happens. I love these dreary days, as they are called. They are easy on my sensitive eyes.


  5. Your post truly supports the perspective of being in the present. That is excellent mindfulness and can lead to uncluttering of our minds and opening it up to creativity.



  6. Lori Lara says:

    What a refreshing experience! Yes, spring will come again, won’t it? Thanks for the reminders of good things. 🙂


  7. Lori Lipsky says:

    It is a wonderful day, Patty, but I needed a reminder. Thanks for the lift!


  8. That is definitely the way to look at your day….We were just saying yesterday…winter is still here but spring is on the way…but we should enjoy each and every day in between…Diane


  9. Patty, this post brought a smile to my face and touched my heart…we do have so much to be grateful for each day.
    God bless you, sweet lady! ~ Marsha


  10. russtowne says:

    Thank you, Patty. It is indeed. Thank you for the reminder!


  11. What a happy/positive blog you have here! I really enjoyed reading your posts, looking forward to the next one!


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