Moving Day

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Moving day that turned into a moving weekend!

We moved our son on Friday to his new apartment.  And lets just say, we are not as young as we used to be!  

Friday morning saw a nice sunny and cold day.  With the help of friends and his sister he moved all of his belongings to his new apartment.  He recruited his sister who had her things packed and ready to move into his larger bedroom, so she was more than willing to help.  Two years ago our son moved back home after losing his job.  Thankfully he found one quickly but stayed home to save some money and now he was ready to leave again.  When he moved back so did all of his belongings.  Our attic filled up quickly as did our den and living room and bedroom as we re-arranged our belongings to accommodate his.

I got home from work on Friday afternoon all  fired up to re-arrange the house back.  That was short-lived as we soon realized we are no longer 20 or 30 or even 40 anymore!  But Friday night we managed to move the larger pieces of furniture and in the process my daughter broke her tv stand and I broke my desk or I should say they fell apart on us.  Lesson learned –  buy better quality!

Saturday was spent moving all the little things from one room to another and today was spent putting it all back together.  Now as you know I was raised in the military and spent time as a young military wife so  moving was a way a life.  Noticed I said young and was

When I was a young wife I had a whole house unpacked and ready for living within 2-3 days while taking care of young children.  Now at a more “mature” age, I find it is an accomplishment to move a few things around and still able to stay awake at 8 pm!

We would move one piece of furniture and take a 1 hr break, move another piece and take a nap. It took me all afternoon today just to move my fabric/craft containers and crafting table to my husbands new “museum” that is now home to many of his antiques.  Of course watching tv was a nice distraction.  Especially since I was watching the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl

Our house is almost back to normal and we have more to do. So the next few days I will be catching up on all of your blogs and see what you have been up to.  I think I am going into withdrawal – I missed having my evening tea with all of you.

Right now I have a date with my comfy chair and  I do think a heating pad is calling my name. 

God bless you week!


37 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. I hope it’s okay that I really laughed hard over this post.? Being over 50, I can relate to all of this so well… My kids have not moved out yet – but we switched four rooms around last spring and it just about finished me off! Osteoarthritis and moving furniture don’t go well together. 😉 Have a nice rest.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


  2. Ooof! Helping one’s chidren move! Can there be greater proof of our love for them? And why do they always move somewhere on the top floor of a building without a lift? Well done. Take a break! By the way, when my younger daughter last moved (yup, top floor) my husband was over 70 … so you’re not safe yet


  3. I do hope you found time for that cup of tea and the heating pad. You are so right about it taking longer to do things as we ‘mature.’ Having a moving company certainly has its advantages. I found out civilian moves within government were much more lush than military moves. My husband tells me it’s not fair – and I must agree. However, he didn’t complain all the times we moved on my career instead of his. Relax and I hope your muscles don’t scream tomorrow.


  4. Well done for helping with the move, Patty. It’s almost encouraging to hear that others are not as quick and energetic as they used to be. I found it really frustrating until I learned to accept that I was getting older.and my body just couldn’t function the way it used to. Love the post and I’m pleased you can relax now.


  5. I can relate to your post way too well. I smiled from the beginning of this piece to the end, with some outbursts of laughter scattered throughout including the great photo that came with it!



  6. It’ll be nice to have your house back in order…I know what it’s like to have extra ‘stuff’ around… Not now though…We cleaned house when we moved back in October …have a good week yourself….Diane


    1. Thanks Diane, we are getting there. Today we took the day off and as I look around we should actually be finished tomorrow. Except for DH – that is. He has arthritis and so I “ordered” him to take a few days off before he puts his room together.


  7. Besides the lesson of learning to buy quality, it is also better to break furniture than to break bones! Glad all got settled. The empty next is awaiting, it sounds. There are some nice aspects to it, but on the whole, I prefer to have all my chicks in the same nest. Barring that, at least in the same town. . .especially after grandchildren arrive! I got to Skype with Zoë last week! She got a haircut (most of them, I’m sure), recently and her new “do” Is adorable – and still curly and red!

    Isn’t growing older a picnic? (My Mom always said that it beat the alternative, however, so there is that!) Most fun I’ve had in years – researching getting home health aides, etc. Woot! Woot!


    1. We are just now starting to learn how to research for those home health aides – another first for us! If anything growing older is an adventure. I agree with you – it is nice to have our “chicks” in one nest. Our son works second shift so we never saw him anyway..but it was nice knowing he was here. He only lives about 10 minutes from home so I cannot complain.


  8. Oh I so know what you mean! We have to take all the furniture out of our dining room after the flood to sort out the floor. We just keep putting it off! The lovely Mr S refuses to recognise that we are older and thinks we can do it all ourselves. I know we need help – ergo – it doesn’t get done! 🙂


    1. My DH is the same way…bless their manly hearts! 🙂 Arthritis is taking its toll on DH (dear husband) and at 64 he is starting to accept he is not as young as he would like to think he is. 😉


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