Sunny Thoughts


“Being tickled to death is a great way to live. Jumping for joy is good exercise”
Barbara Johnson  {Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death)

Barbara Johnson is one of my favorite authors.  She lived a life of adversity but through trusting God she found His peace.  And through that peace she found joy.  It is that joy that she shared with us through her many books and her appearances at the Women of Faith Conferences.  I had a chance to meet Barbara at one of the conferences and it was indeed a joyful experience.  Whenever I read that quote I think of her life and how she lived it and how she blessed all that knew her with the joy of the Lord.

So this coming week – let us jump for the joy that comes from God and fill our world with laughter as if we were being “tickled to death”. Do you remember as a child being “tickled to death” and what fun that was? When our children were younger we had the tickle monster; their laughter still rings through our hearts.

Keep smiling and enjoy the sunshine even on the cloudy days.


26 thoughts on “Sunny Thoughts

  1. Dear Patty,

    Thank you for this great post and the link to Barbara Johnson. I was talking to my sister on the phone this morning and we were saying that as we get older we seem to find little things funnier and funnier and we were so pleased that this was the case. Tonight I received a call from her husband to say she had been taken to hospital so I have found your post so uplifting and helpful.

    Thanks so much and God bless,



  2. Yes, thank you for the link to Barbara Johnson. I have not read any of her work, but I will now. I read her bio and it noted that she wrote her first book at age 50, after so much heartache. That’s particularly inspiring to me.


  3. Love this perspective of being “tickled to death”.People like Barbara Johnson have overcome the fear of Death. It is this state which allows us to “be” and live in the moment.



  4. I remember the tickling monster too…It was so much fun. Just remembering makes me smile. I’m looking for good book to read because I got a “Kobo” ereader for Christmas. I’m going to look for Barbara’s books…Diane


  5. I too saw Barbara at Women of Faith. I have not seen her recently though. She, Patsy Clairmont and Anita Renfroe would always crack me up.


    1. Barbara died I think in 2007 from a brain tumor. I think I have all of her books, she was a true woman of God. I guess God did toot for her and now she is at home with her 2 sons who she called deposits in heaven and her dear husband Bill who died a few years before her.


  6. Barbara Johnson is one of my all time favorite authors and speakers! God directed me to her writings just before a very difficult time occurred in my life. I love her books and gained so much strength and courage from reading them. Thanks for this post!


    1. Same here, a friend gave me one of her books and I put it aside, thinking oh one day I will read it. That day came and she spoke straight to my heart and like you got me through a difficult time in my life. It is encouraging to know the people she touched in her ministry.


  7. The “tickle monster” was a regular at our house too. And yes, the ring of the squeals and joy still rings in my heart!

    Good post,


      1. So true. The sound of “child’s play” is so sweet, especially as it pertains to our own children…

        I wonder if God feels the same way about us as His children. Probably so.


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