Last month Lisa from Deep and Wonderful Thoughts asked me to write an article for her series “Beauty For Ashes, Stories of God’s Redeeming Love”. This is my story that took 10 years to write. It is my story of Hope and Healing. I encourage you to visit her page and find the hope you may be searching for and to experience His presence in your lives as you read these amazing stories of God’s Redeeming Love.


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  1. this touched my heart so much. it reminds me of Al and me and why i always ask why him, but why not him…………………i still don’t understand most of it, but i have accepted what has happened to Al’s life. You are such a wonderful person and I consider myself to be fortunate to call you my friend. Hugs and god bless


    1. Terry you are one of many friends I am thankful for. You shine with Gods love and compassion in how you care for Al. Although I know you wish Al was whole and pain free, I can see God working through this time in your lives. In a world where there is hatred you show us love, where there is suffering you show us compassion. I don’t understand either, but I do know, as I know you do too, that one day Al will be healed and as painful as it is knowing it won’t be in this lifetime it will be for eternity with our Lord. He is a child of God and through the both of you, I am sure you planted many seeds in bringing people back to God. God bless you too – bring you peace.


  2. Passionately written for those of us that often struggle. I continue to offer up, ‘God’s will be done’ in my hours and days of frustration and despair. Thank you for sharing your ‘walk’ with us.


    1. thank you for that nice comment. Emilie Barnes wrote a book at the time she was going through cancer and someone gave me a copy, my favorite quote that I still cling today is “”Hope is always stronger than you think. Trust it and you will find the strength and courage you need” It is from her book “A Cup Of Hope”, It stays on my desk always ready when I need it.


  3. Patty, thanks for sharing your heartfelt story (and my quote)! I think you are an amazing and inspiring example of what you can do with your life after enduring cancer! I am so happy we’ve connected and I can’t wait to read that book! Thank you for everything! You are a blessing to all. xo


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