The Sunshine Jar ~ My challenge to you my dear readers is to fill your jars or journals and at the end of 2013 share what your jars of sunshine held. May sunshine fill your lives with the joy of all the good things that await for you in 2013, even on the darkest days. Blessings ~ Patty

Ute smile

I read a lot of positive blogs, facebook sites and articles.

Then I came across great ideas which I wanted to share with you.

1st January is a good day to start…..

Idea 1.


Idea 2.

Write a Gratitude Journal

This picture is the one I will use, all ready for January 2013.

I will write down every day , at the end of the day, what good things the day gave me and what I was grateful for on this day.

A wonderful way to celebrate each day, think of the gifts and positive things of each day and I can show my gratitude and be thankful .

gratitude journal

And remember:

“When you expect nothing,

you can receive everything

as a marvelous gift.”

Jonathan Lockwood Huie


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24 thoughts on “

  1. I already keep a daily gratitude journal – but I LOVE the sunshine jar idea!
    Happy New Year – may it be filled with peace, love and joy.
    Thank you so much for all of your comments and encouragement in 2012.
    Blessing, Seedbud.


  2. I was in the optician’s on Tuesday and they were talking about just this. It’s such a lovely idea. I think I’ll pick one of mybeautfulthings each day and put it in my Sunshine jar! A good name too. I shall be passing this idea on – thank you 🙂


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