The Parakeet

parakeetAs I read everyone’s posts about Christmas memories I am reminded of my own memories.  The year my sister and I both received exactly the same doll house. The Christmas I received my first ring from my parents.  I still have it.  It is tarnished and the stone out of date, but it is now an antique being over 40 yrs old! 

I think one of the best Christmas gifts I have received came from my husband.  We had just moved back to Pennsylvania and getting settled back into a semi civilian life.  We now owned our home and so we enjoyed filling our home with pets; we had fish, a rabbit, eventually a hamster and of course our dogs.  I had always spoke of the parakeet my cousin had and how much I enjoyed it when I was younger and how eventually my mother would purchase a parakeet for me.  I always talked of the parakeet that I named Bubbi after my cousins parakeet and how much I enjoyed hearing him sing. 

You know how our memories are, they are selective, so I neglected to describe the mess and the work involved with caring for a bird or the fact that less than a year we gave the poor thing away.

So my husband being a sweet sensitive guy (which he won’t admit) decided to buy me a parakeet for Christmas.  We both love birds and he thought this would be a perfect gift.  And it was, until we realized Bubbi Jr did not sing.  We tried everything.  All it ever did was eat and poop and poop and poop.  Lets not get into the shells from the bird seed, they were everywhere.  I never mentioned to my DH (dear husband) that I was not really enjoying the little guy. It was not Bubbi’s  fault, I was working full-time, taking care of the house in addition to our pets and our two little ones that kept us running.  So the day came when little Bubbi died.  I hate to admit it but I was relieved, and being such a good wife, I “grieved” with my husband over Bubbi. 

Then Christmas came and my sweet sensitive husband knowing how much I “missed” Bubbi bought me another one, much to my dismay.  Again I was “happy” with my gift.  And to his credit he bought me one that sang but I think it was an attack signal.  That bird would attack the hands that fed it.  I could not change the papers without that little innocent looking bird coming for me and forget about feeding, he mistook my fingers for food.  I am sure that bird was part of  a meat-eating variety of parakeet.  So after a few weeks of being attacked I told DH he needs to care for Bubbi. 

Bubbi used the sweet sound of his singing to get back at us.  The dogs barked he would sing, the phone rang ~ he would sing.  We would talk and he would sing.  Then Jurassic Park came out on video.  One of my sons favorite movies.  The dinosaurs would roar and the little bird would go nuts. 

Then the day came and he also died.  DH started talking about getting another one. I had to confess.  I had to tell him as much as I appreciated him buying me the two birds, I pleaded with him no more birds.  So to his credit he did not buy me a Parakeet for Christmas, instead he bought me a ceramic Blue Jay – to go with the Cardinal he bought me years earlier because he knows they are my two favorite birds.

The reason that Parakeet is one of my favorite Christmas gifts because they were given in love.  DH may not be a romantic and a tough ole Sergeant but he shows his love for me in so many little ways, even buying me two parakeets to remind me of happier times from my childhood.

Another thoughtful present he bought me was an antique Army Ike Jacket that the soldiers wore in WWII,  searching on eBay until he found one with the Third Army patch on it, the unit my dad served in during WWII. I had mentioned a few times that I like those uniforms compared to the ones today.  My house is full of gifts he purchased for me over the years, each with a story and a memory attached. 

And so through the years I have learned to be careful telling my DH what I like because one day I may find a zebra or a giraffe under the Christmas tree! 

I wonder what is under the tree this year?  thinking-woman


35 thoughts on “The Parakeet

      1. yes, and this is why I am having trouble finding someone. I don’t want a non christian and I don’t want a social or regular drinker either. Picky aren’t I??? lol


      2. It is not being picky…when I met Tom I was young and lets say immature both spiritually and emotionally, God knew who I needed before I did, I pray that for you too. But today knowing what I do if I was not married, I would be right with you – those are good qualities to be looking for. God bless you Terry!


      3. wow, thank you! It is nice to know that someone believes that my waiting is not being picky. hopefully God will show me someone nice. thank you for a wonderful comment


  1. This post reminds me of when my children gave me a Beta fish for my birthday. It lived for about 50 weeks–so they bought me a replacement the next year for my birthday. That fish also lived for slightly less than a year, so they following year they got me another replacement fish.


  2. This was so funny yet such a nice post to read….That’s what happens when we don’t want to say to someone that what they’ve given is not really what we wanted….we don’t want to hurt their loving giving feelings.

    As to what you’ll get this year…you should try and remember if you’ve inadvertently admired something that was just a thought to you…but to DH it might convert into something under the Christmas tree!…btw….the cardinal and blue jay…my 2 favourite birds also…Diane


  3. May you be blessed with peace, love, joy and the abundances of the Lord’s fruits of prosperity this Christmas Season. We love you and appreciate you for all that you do in helping to build and promote the Kingdom of God here on this earth.


  4. This really brings back memories for me! When I was a bride, my husband fondly recalled his childhood parakeet. So we bought one. It didn’t sing – it was a squawker/pooper/seed=spitter.

    Then some friends found out we were “parakeet-lovers” and they gave us 2 or 3 MORE parakeets! OH. MY. GOODNESS! All I did that year was vacuum up seeds!

    If memory serves,, we finally gave the birds away. After that friends started gifting us kittens …


  5. Love these memories!! I’ve heard of one family bird story passed on by my mom and aunts, but well, tragically it ends with the poor animal being sat on by a family member and not surviving! A tragic accident, but I believe it was accompanied by the same sense of “relief” you described! 😉 So…what was under the tree this year? Happy New Year!!


    1. Not a giraffe or a zebra! 🙂 Hubby bought me a crafting light that has two attachments one for a magnifying glass to hold my patterns since I can’t see the small print too good anymore and the other attachment to hold m pattern since my fingers can’t hold on to things too well either. Always thoughtful! And he surprised me with a pair of earrings and necklace, ummm maybe he got to thinking about the bird too… 🙂


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