When God Weeps

 There is not much more I can say that has not already been said about the tragedy in Connecticut. I have cried with the rest of the world when I saw the faces, names and ages of the victims.  My heart aches for what is lost.  There is so much that was lost to all of us that day.  Nothing will ever compare to the loss the parents and families are experiencing right now.  Their pain goes deep within their souls, their hearts scared and empty forever. 

But we do see the loss of lives and the loss of the future these children would have had.  There is loss of relationships as families and friends say goodbye to those they loved.  We have also lost our sense of security as we go about our daily lives. Most importantly we witnessed again a loss of innocence. With each violent act we lose more of the decency and integrity that is in each of us, and those things that separate us from the evil one.

Our country has gone down the wrong path for so long that no one sees what we have lost as a nation, as a people.  Just see what is on tv, in the movies and the music the younger generation is listening to and you will see the decline of our morality.  We have become numb to violence and this is the result. Through the generations we have turned away from God and all that is good.

Because of this we weep, and God weeps with us.  God weeps with us as we turn away from Him.  He weeps when we hurt each other, at what His children can do to each other.  God weeps for what is lost and for the world He created.

So yes, lets pray and comfort each other and support the families in every way we can.  But let us also honor the children and teachers by refusing to see the violent movies, stop listening to music that is about killing and raping, and turning off the news as they play over and over again the details of these violent acts.  Let us honor all of those that were killed that day in Connecticut, Oregon and in the small church in Pennsylvania by reaching out to each other in God’s love.

“Let there be peace {and love}and let it begin with me”….by walking away from all that is evil and walking towards the goodness that is found in the light of God.  It begins with one person, let it begin with you…


41 thoughts on “When God Weeps

      1. It’s one of the things I like about “blogging”. The vast majority of what I read is everyone’s attempts at sharing life, the good and the real. And the positive and beauty.


  1. I “liked” this posting because your words speak what so many of us feel. We have become numb to violence and there is no respect for life. I like how you ended your post… let us walk away from evil and lets walk towards light and goodness. Amen and amen!


  2. I have to say an ‘amen’ to what Bernice said, about the reason for the “like” on this post. The Oregon tragedy was only a few miles from me, and I just hurt for those folks – as I do for the parents, family, friends, and coworkers of the ones in PA and CT.


  3. Thank you for not only expressing how so many of us feel, but also for calling us to action. I work for an elementary school and last Friday was devastating.

    For parents, there is an excellent piece on the website that carries on Fred Rogers’ work (Mr. Rogers). It’s titled “Mr. Rogers Talks About Tragic Events in the News.” He gives great advice on how parents can talk to their children if they’re exposed to events like this one. http://fci.org/new-site/par-tragic-events.html


  4. Yes, Patty…beautifully said. Let the love begin. I pray it will begin with me, with you, and will everyone who cares one whit to prevent the next tragedy.
    Anything I do seems so simple and meaningless in the huge picture of pain, but each act, taken together, I pray will make a difference.


  5. Well said…I agree so much with the issue of our children being exposed and watching and listening even…to violent movies and music…It’s up to the parents to somehow monitor what they do watch and listen to….Diane


    1. Thank you, I agree with what you said. What is sadder is now the movie industry is taking action, but only on a few movies ready to be released. Why not pull all of the violent movies. I also read some actors are complaining about the violent movies yet they keep starring in them. I don’t get it?


  6. Absolutely right. I have been watching all the news about this tragedy. There seems to be lots of calls for stricter gun laws, which is probably a good place to start (not that it helps much here in SA because the bad guys still get guns anyway), but we need to dig deeper and understand why these youngsters are pulling the trigger.


    1. I agree, if he did not have gun would he have rigged a bomb? Or used a knife like the school in China? We have learned since 9/11 that there are other ways to kill besides guns. We have become a nation that is desensitized to what is evil and bad, that the next generation has no idea the seriousness of their actions.. My fear is this is only the beginning.


  7. I can’t help but think that there has never been anything quite like this that has happened. Even in war, when innocent children are killed, there is a motive, there is war. Who’s war is this? What motive could make a person do this? It’s eerie.


  8. Thank you for this post. I have that song stuck in my head now “Let there be peace on earth…” It’s a good song to have stuck there. 🙂


  9. I weep with sadness this week. Today, your post shines with hope. ““Let there be peace {and love}and let it begin with me”….by walking away from all that is evil and walking towards the goodness that is found in the light of God. It begins with one person, let it begin with you…” Beautiful and inspiring. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  10. Well said, it’s just too much to put into words at times. I pray that at Christmas we can all focus on the Light that came instead of all the darkness that surrounds us.


  11. I agree with you completely. Having lived in CT most of my life and now, about 30 miles from Newtown, we have been blanketed by the media and everyone else who wants to jump on the tragedy and get some “notice” for themselves. I haven’t watched the news since it happened. I don’t even turn on “live” TV. It seems to me that the children and their families that were most affected by this tragedy have been forgotten or used as a stepping stone for everyone else’s private ambitions and interests. ENOUGH !!!


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