Daily Prompt: My Hero!

The daily prompt yesterday from WordPress was to tell you about our hero.  So, I thought of the people who I thought were my heroes and found that I admired them, but would not classify them as  a hero or heroine.

So who then is my hero?

The new saying that many heroes today do not wear capes but combat boots is true in my case.  My hero is my husband and yes he did wear combat boots, although his military career has nothing to do with why he is my hero. 

He took a shy young woman – me – and taught me to independent.   He is a silent man of few words but he expresses his care for me in many ways.  He doesn’t shower me with poems or romantic words, he showers me with attention. Even after 33 yrs of marriage we still hold hands. He is supportive of my dreams and goals and is always uplifting me.   When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, he loved and cared for me in his own special way, whether it was emotional support or doing something as simple as cooking dinner and cleaning up afterward.

He is the father of my children, our protector and our provider.  He has given us a stable home and food on the table.  We are just an ordinary family getting through the ups and downs of life.  He has not done anything out of the ordinary, he did not become a millionaire, nor did he set the world on fire.  But he created a loving home for me and our children.  He also is not perfect {although we let him think he is!} but he is Godly, a true man of God who has taught me about God not by words but by living his faith.

Some days I may not show appreciation for him.  I take him for granted for he is someone I can always depend upon.  As I wrote this article I have decided to tell him more often how thankful I am that God joined our lives together. That today, tomorrow and forever he is “the one who my soul searched for…and who my heart loves”… {adapted from Solomon 3:1-4}

He is a special man – a man of few words but a man with a heart of God.

Patty Tom 1979 (2)
Newlyweds Tom and Patty along with our first dog.

49 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: My Hero!

      1. Hi Jenny, Thank you for stopping by, I tried to make a comment on your page but had problems. I loved your article and let us all get excite about Jesus! I also see we have the same taste in blogs with simplyjulia…;) It is nice to meet another sister in Christ. Blessings – Patty


      2. Well I tried again, it must be word press, I will investigate, it keeps telling me I don’t own that domain! 🙂 but here I am..Anyway good verses tonight, Eph and the armor of God has always been one of my favorites that helps me to stay alert and prepared.


      1. Well it is unrealistic to think otherwise…and how else would you get to know each other properly if you didn’t have ups and downs. You are both lovely souls. Jen


  1. It can be fun to look back on days past. I don’t do it often, as I don’t want to get into the habit of thinking about the past too often. But it’s fun at times…



    1. Sometimes people can live too much in the past, which doesn’t honor God’s gift of the present. But like you said it is nice to go back and visit. God also teaches us in our past to help us in our present and prepare us for our future.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can add nothing more to such wise words, Patty. Very well spoken! Thank you and enjoy your day…



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