I have had a nice day reading about what every one is thankful for.  It filled my heart as I read the articles. And so, I began to reflect on my own blessings.

As I thought of my past, I am thankful for my first breath and that God created me for this time and for the family He gave me. As I live in the present, I am thankful for the strength to over come health issues and difficulties, for the blessings of laughter, joy and the love shared with friends.  And as I look ahead to my future, I am thankful for the hope that is found only in Jesus Christ .  My soul rejoices that Jesus Christ His Son has walked with me my entire life.  The road has been rocky at times and many times there were only one set of footprints on my path, but through it all I knew I was not alone, God had not forsaken me and for that I will be eternally grateful.  Today through the saving grace of Jesus Christ, I am strong in my faith and I love my God, our Father, with all my heart and soul.

This Thanksgiving as we all gather together in our homes and with our loved ones let us ask for God’s blessings, and sing praises to His Name, to our Leader Triumphant.

“I will praise God’s name in song and glorify Him with Thanksgiving” Psalm 69:30

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever”  1 Chronicles 16:34

“I always thank God for you (my new friends) because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus” I Corinthians 1:4

This is one of my many favorite hymns, I would like to share it with you, so let us all sing …as “We Gather Together”


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My life centers around my faith in God and my family.
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25 Responses to Thankful

  1. The real reasons for the season. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your “thanks.” 🙂


  3. OHMYGOSH! Celtic Women! 🙂 Many blessings I hope for you and yours!


  4. terry1954 says:

    I love that song also. It is so nice to have a Christian friend like you! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


  5. Denise Hisey says:

    Your words echo my thoughts so closely…thank you.


  6. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for the terrific video. I positively love the Celtic Women and Celtic Thunder.


  7. Happy Thanksgiving, blessings!


  8. optimisticgladness says:

    I have a question for you. In January, I will be featuring 31 different people on my blog. Would you like to share your testimony with us or tell of a very tough time in your life and how God worked in that situation? Are you interested?


  9. Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday. I am thankful for your lovely blog.


  10. Such a lovely post 🙂


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