Weekly Photo Challenge: Green ~ {Sewing Room}

I enjoyed my first photo challenge.  It was fun sorting through the pictures of our trips bringing back some happy memories.  Then as I was sewing last night I noticed I had lots of green items in my sewing room. 

I hope you enjoy the color green from some of my favorite things in my sewing room.

Green fabric with gold bugles, part of my Civil  War collection

Green Christmas fabric all ready for my next project

Green Christmas fun fabric

My Irish Colleen {A creation from a very dear friend} – in her green dress sitting on my green chair working on her sewing project.

Christmas presents, already packed and ready to put under the tree.

My mug that holds most of my sewing tools.


My Irish Teddy bear – a gift from my sister

My German Mouse including Lederhosen. Push
 his tummy and he yodels.


31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green ~ {Sewing Room}

  1. I love your take on this theme – it’s fabulous! I’m afraid I’m going to have to go with the whole leafy thing because I just don’t have anything green. I so envy your ability to sew – I’m very horrible at it 🙂


    1. Thanks, but I am not that good, I enjoy it and just take my time. I see others work and am amazed at how straight a stitch they can sew. I can’t even with a sewing machine doing most of the work!!! LOL I did not realize how much I actually had until this challenge. Blessings!


  2. Very “colorful” post 🙂 Thanks for the visits and comments Patty and God love and bless you and yours!



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